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Recent content by kirabook

  1. kirabook

    The Problem with the Master of Masters' Identity Theories

    I remember a lot of people were hoping/assuming the """"new""" Organization 13 would be new OCs or characters we haven't seen before with a few returning members (Saix, Xigbar, AnsemSoD, Xemnas). As it turned out, it was all the exact same members as before minus a few. I understand why the...
  2. kirabook

    Final Fantasy XIV

    I recently got into this game and made a character sheet
  3. kirabook

    What would you change about the KH:BBS storyline?

    Hm, let's see how long I can make my laundry list Not ever character should have a story in every world. At most, 2 of the 3 should have a story in each world. There should still be enemies and collectables for the 1 character that doesn't officially have to be there. Based on the first point...
  4. kirabook

    Politics Video games and Anxiety during this pandemic

    "More in control" What does that even mean.
  5. kirabook

    What would you change about the KH1 story?

    Fix the translation error focusing on one and only keyblade master
  6. kirabook

    A subtle mistake that I think was made in the story of the Dark Seeker Saga

    Wouldn't the mistake be Xehanort returning as an old man at all instead of just returning as Terranort? There was no reason for old man nort to come back imo, it just made the whole situation involving Terra weird.
  7. kirabook

    *MoM SPOILERS!* We really need to talk about Kairi...

    I know a lot of KH fans don't read the Ansem reports, but as a fandom collective, I'm pretty sure most people know Xehanort the apprentice is the one that yeeted Kairi. Not only that, he destroyed Radiant Garden, her home world. He tormented her bffs and even her new friends recently rescued. He...
  8. kirabook

    *MoM SPOILERS!* We really need to talk about Kairi...

    I think it's easy to ignore people who would've been like "Gasp! Kairi can't solo!!!!!" because this was all a DREAM. Her dream. If she can float through all of Sora's memories from start to finish, she can beat an imaginary version of Xehanort from her past. It's not that deep. The fact that...
  9. kirabook

    The hate for nomura is getting old

    I'm sure all of the people who "legitimately" hate Nomura would kill for a moment to get his autograph and a picture. For all my critques of KH's writing, wishing for better, and jokingly being like "Nomuraaaa!!!", there's no way I hate the dude. I don't know him and a couple of plot holes isn't...
  10. kirabook

    Melody of Memory should have been a Namine game

    I personally skipped and found Coded irrelevant because of its retread status (also I didn't have a DS. I was a poor high schooler back then). Of course looking back now, all the segments between the retread are probably going to be important but I'm still pretty apathetic toward this title. I...
  11. kirabook

    Melody of Memory should have been a Namine game

    I definitely don't hate Nomura for this kind of thing. I think Yoko Taro also gets a little leeway because even though the Drakengard/Nier universe is somewhat connected, each game is its own self contained adventure. I doubt knowing what happened in that concert will matter when the next Nier...
  12. kirabook

    Melody of Memory should have been a Namine game

    I love BbS. Days is super popular in the fandom. Nomura should put all his effort into making those kinds of side games connect into the big plot rather than trying to make alllll the smaller ones important. The entire KH team should consider stories that are truly one note and insular. Even if...
  13. kirabook

    Melody of Memory should have been a Namine game

    Oh yeah, Yoko Taro also loves putting important relevant stuff in whatever side piece of content he can. I think he does it because he actually enjoys it or likes adding stuff on after the fact. Like he genuinely likes doing it and does it on purpose. It doesn't feel the same with Nomura. Don't...
  14. kirabook

    Melody of Memory should have been a Namine game

    I do get that, but I think most people can at least agree somewhat that not every mobile game, concert, and portable device needs a KH game with vital lore bits. Not ALL of them need it, ya know?
  15. kirabook

    Melody of Memory should have been a Namine game

    When KHChi was originally introduced, wasn't it marketed as its own thing and kind of unconnected to the current events of the story but that changed at some point? Maybe Nomura feels like KH fans won't buy the game or be interested unless it has main story? It feels like we're in a messy web...