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    What's Made You Invoke Fanon Discontinuity?

    About the entire final arc of Naruto.
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    I don't trust him, but I also don't care about the situation much. I'm glad i wasn't following any of these people closely and can easily wipe my hands clean. I"m sure eventually another youtuber will post a long video describing his body language and how trustworthy he is.
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    Falling in and out of love with Kingdom Hearts in a post-KH3 world

    I think I'll always love KH. There will probably always be something that will interest me in this series. I know for some people, KH3 was their first time questioning the direction and their love for the series, but for me it was DDD. I've long since accepted there will be stuff happening in KH...
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    Not understanding the story of KH3 is like failing a test you had 13 years to study for

    I prefer Kairi to be there because she too experienced Riku trying to distance himself to protect his friends. She was the one that prevented him from leaving again in KH2. If Sora only thought, "That's like Riku", then Kairi would have said aloud, "That sounds like Riku." soon after.
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    Like the Naruto pair shippers, they destroyed Naruto Fandom.

    I got into Naruto when Minato was still referred to as Arashi Kazama because we didn't know his name. I was CONVINCED that he was Naruto's father. I wrote so many theories, read so many fanfics, enjoyed so much fanart. Ooof, it was extremely satisfying to learn Minato's name and learn about...
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    Like the Naruto pair shippers, they destroyed Naruto Fandom.

    Your view of how the Naruto ending went down is quite skewed. I was there. SS and NH are way bigger than other ships, so it's only logical what happened next. Those fans rushed into the smaller communities to cause a ruckus, so the smaller communities either fought back or closed themselves off...
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    Not understanding the story of KH3 is like failing a test you had 13 years to study for

    I'm not as enraged as some fans about how KH3 came out, but some things happened in that game that could've happened differently and been better. My biggest "fix" for KH3 would have been to split up the main story more. Most KH games follow a formula. Main plot stuff --> Disney stuff --> Super...
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    New Forum Software

    WHOA I haven't been on a xenforo forum in a long time, they've improved so much. I remember when it was just a bab.
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    I think people went too far to hate Kairi.

    Whether it's Kairi or Sakura, when you build up, advertise, and hint at this character going beyond what they have in the past, then you need to delivery and deliver hard. in Sakura's case, she actually did get to do amazing things, but no matter what she did, the fandom still hated her and...
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    Does anybody recognize this boot?

    A good portion of the org loses their cloaks during their final battles. Those big booties most likely belong to Vanitas since he is basically Sora.
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    SPOILERS : Ven's clothes

    Not sure if this is truly a spoiler or not, but I just remembered something. In 0.2, Ven's jacket colors were switched around. I know that 0.2 was kinda a "This is kinda what KH3 is gonna look like but it's not done yet" demo for KH3, but... this seems like such a blatant error. Was it...
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    Should some characters be benched going forward?

    I figured Axel and Saix types would take a back seat, but apparently not. Nomura set them up for future stuff. Ven is guaranteed to be involved in future plot. All of TAV might because clearly there was more going on either Eraqus, Xehanort, Land of Departure, and all that. I kinda feel like...
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    Is this hate for Kairi alone upset me?

    Actually, Kairi can draw and write. Compared to Sora's crappy cave drawing, Kairi's is very well done for a 4 year old. Namine's art seems to be a combination of Sora's crappy drawing but Kairi's creativity or something... For example. Namine really sucks at drawing people, but the colors are...
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    I'm fine if this series never confirms a romantic relationship with anyone to be honest. I know someone in here said they don't like family stuff because it's overdone, but Kingdom Hearts has the best kind of family stuff. They aren't even related, it's all just found family which is usually a...
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    Is this hate for Kairi alone upset me?

    Haven't heard people complaining about it feeling like a movie (except in Frozen and Tangled where it was literally just a retelling), but the pacing was definitely something that could use tweaking. Backloading the main plot to the very end and bringing some characters back so late in the game...