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  • Dude Days is an amazing game! I also dont know why people dont like it i love it! but currently i have 3 friends that are on a list who are borrowing it from me XD

    what day are you on?
    I wouldn't be the right person to ask.
    I have now noticed your sig is one of those image randomizers.
    I hope you know i was referring to the Persona 4 sig.
    sig of yours i like.
    where'd you acquire it?
    The guide is prolly way different from ultmania, and XD i wish it was in a month too, you know i actually might buy the japanese version anyways.
    Good im glad you like it it has all my anime and kh needs XD and thats wondeful i know its coming out on januray 9th but thats in Japan we are going to have to wait for it to be localized before we can play it :C
    OMG! you need the bbs trailer high quality directly to your psp? go to this site


    basically you can search for youtube videos on there and download them high quality DIRECTLY to your psp no computer needed!
    okay i think i can try to conform to that. Ill be on prolly in the morning before school, so i will be on from i think 6 pm your time to about 6:40 pm your time okay? and then again i can be on maybe again, from like 4 am your time to like 10:30 am your time so from then on you know try to contact me XD
    HEY! can you tell me when yoour usually online so i can come on when your on. This is gonna be difficult to talk to you because of time difference :l
    Well ill try to tell some of my online friends about it and maybe they will join. and you have awhile before bbs comes out I CANT WAIT TO PLAY IT!
    aww thats sad al ot of my friends like yugioh. and WOW! i guess good night to you then XD and a fansite eh? i think one of my friends has one they arent too hard to make. if you make one i will be sure to join it!
    Yes yugioh is great! And i like pokemon too. Do you have any yugioh cards? and btw i might have to log off soon its almost time for lunch here. Its like 10 am. What time is it for you?
    Thats why i was changing the subject to other anime. I like the ff series too and zelda, and yugioh. I have too many anime i like so i cant name all to you and recently ive gotten into a little bit of basketball.
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