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  • No, you're not in trouble.
    I just wanted to ask you to be patient with the team who were bringing the news as quickly as they could~
    Hey, the team here at KHInsider is doing their best to keep you and the rest of us updated on the new KH HD installment! They're posting the news as fast as they can in the TGS thread, so your patience is very much appreciated. If needed you are free to VM me any questions you may have and I'll try to assist you to the best of my abilities.
    when you post more then once it's considered SPAM, if you continue to do it the Mods will start getting tired of cleaning up after you and you'll get a warning and possibly an infraction.If you want to say more in a thread but you were the last to post in it, just edit your post man.
    Can you please stop double posting in the KH VA thread, wait for someone to reply before your post, if you want to say more after you've posted just click on the Edit button and add more.

    Locked threads have no purpose on the forums, either the content in them isn't relevant to the forums, there is already a thread on that topic etc.

    When a thread is locked, the thread is deemed not important and no one is able to post in them.
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