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Recent content by kingmickey

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    question about riku

    how about mickey he got a keyblade too so did he have an awakening
  2. K

    3 secret keyblades!

    i heard of this somewhere the 3 secret keyblades
  3. K

    Favorite COM Sleight

    Trinity Limit - Donald, Goofy, Keyblade - deals massive damage to all enemies MM Miracle - 2 or 3 Mickeys - stun, damage, heals and reload cards
  4. K

    Favorite character in COM?

    King Mickey cause he helps a lot
  5. K

    King Mickey!

    I think King Mickey is spying to find out the Organization's true obective
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    which is more powerful...

    strongest - weakest Light Twilight Darkness
  7. K


    i think king mickey will be a party member
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    My Theory (basically about the keyblades and KH2)

    i see this topic make a good theory
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    Can some one please tell how to beat the Riku Clone?

    go to dark mode quickly and use the jafar card or the maleficent card and when your low on hp use the oogie boogie card
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    more one winged angel keyblade

    i need more i one winged angel keyblade cause wat i get has a low CV pls tell me where
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    why does king mickey does not have his keyblade?

    why when i use mickey he only show a card he did not use his keyblade he shall use his keyblade its so awesome
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    where did king mickey got his keyblade?

    i was curious where did king mickey got his keyblade pls tell me i really want to know
  13. K

    make new mebers of the organasation

    name: Musashi gender: male weapon: katana allies: mickey, riku description: wears a clothes for samurai and uses a katana bio: he was summon by queen minnie to find the king when he met the king he was recruited to the organization to help the king defeat the heartless
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    is da king going to be one of your party members?

    i think he is a party member and i wish sora can fuse w/ him his gold keyblade is so cool!!!
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    new keyblades in kh2

    wat do u think will be the new keyblades in kh2 i want to use mickey's keyblade and the one winged angel