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  • Nah, it's fine. Given the amount of info and context you could go off here, that's not a surprising conclusion to come to.
    Nope~ I'm actually half Caucasian, half Chinese. It's just a word my family likes to use, usually to mock psuedo-Chinese restaurants. XD
    If I wanted to say something like "gringo" in Cantonese dialect, it would be something like "gwai-yen."
    It was kinda meh. I've had better dinners. Steamed fish beats out gringo turkey any day... so how was yours?
    All my grades are ranging from high B's to mid-A's... except for PreCal. I've no idea what's with that class, but for whatever reason, I'm stuck with a low C. And I'm not the only one... A lot of people I know are pretty much in the same situation as me. -_- And even stranger, it's not my hardest class... I'm taking AP US History and AP English, but they're very high at the moment.
    I managed to get two weeks off from school thanks to my family's trip to Disney World combined with Thanksgiving break. I probably should be catching up on the work that I missed the first week, but procrastination has always been a specialty of mine.
    Your welcome, KingdomSlayer.
    That's great! Do you go out on Black Friday at all? Do you live in the US?

    As for myself, I'm doing okay! I just got done cleaning out two refrigerators and taking a break before I tackle the pantry, then I shall be all set to celebrate Thanksgiving with everyone. I do go out on Black Friday, because I have presents to buy for my family. I don't have any traditions in particular, except we do play UNO and sometimes Wizard. Both of these are card games, but usually it's a lot of gossip. And to make it really feel like the holiday season, I already have snow.

    Feel free to ask questions btw. ;3
    My, my, aren't you the gentleman. lol.
    Why thank you. I'll take benevolent over scary and intimidating any day. xD
    I'm sure we shall, and I'll start us off by asking this: How've you been doing? Things all good with you? Do you celebrate the holidays?
    Sorry, do you still need to know how to make a poll?

    I'm doing well today! How are you?
    I'm good, how are you?

    And of course you can talk to an admin! There's no one off limits for you to chat with. :3
    Oh, goodness. Someone with a very similar username to you did then! Totally happens.

    What can I do for you?
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