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Recent content by KingdomKeyper3

  1. K

    Fanfiction ► What if: Sora was in Naruto

    I dont really know its more of a discussion im jusr sjowing the sinarrio.
  2. K

    Fanfiction ► What if: Sora was in Naruto

    Hello and welcome to a new Blog Series called Kingdom Hearts What if Series. We take one point in Kingdom Hearts history and change it and see how it will efect the lore as we know. Today we will discuss what if Sora from Kingdom Hearts was in Naruto instead of the Kingdom Hearts series...
  3. K

    Kingdom Hearts: Return of The Kingdom Knight: Role Play.

    Plot: Hello and welcome to Kingdom Hearts: Return of the Kingdom Knight is a role play set after the events of Kingdom Hearts 3 after Sora dissapeared and appeared in Shibuya a world that was located is the Spirit world as Shibuya is ment to be a tutorial were Sora relearn so dormant powers that...
  4. K

    Your Reaction To KH3 Ending?

    It's possible I mean it may be more a development for Kairi. Plus Sora dissapearing makes sense since in the first game Sora had to travel to other worlds to find Riku and Kairi. In Kairi's case it may be in reverse she is gonna go on a quest. Incedentally if that is the case if Kairi has two...
  5. K

    Could Sora Be The Master of Masters?

    But Namura states its the the World Ends With You Shibuya. I'm not saying it isn't Shibuya I think it's a diffrent version of Shibuya this is just a Kingdom Hearts version. I'm saying its Kingdom Hearts version where probably where the World End's With You Characters. Also Sora is more...
  6. K

    Your Reaction To KH3 Ending?

    I wouldn't say I hate it I think the idea of Sora disappearing is meant to be character build up for the other characters think about it most of the characters are people Sora has literally tried helped them. Since KH1 Sora was determined to bring Riku back to the Island, KHCOM Sora literally...
  7. K

    Could Sora Be The Master of Masters?

    Namura litterally confirm it's not the Shibuya from the World End's With You, but its another version granted they could use the same rules, but here is the thing if the other dandilion members are there Sora will try to get them out. I mean what kind a selfish person *coughs* Donald *Coughs*...
  8. K

    Return of Ava and the Dandilions

    We all know Sora is dead, but the question I don't know if it's be ask is why? Namura himself confirmed Sora was still going to be the main protagonist for the next Kingdom Hearts Saga. What if when Sora ended up in the KH Shibuya Namura's plan is set for a reason, but what is the reason? well...
  9. K

    Could Sora Be The Master of Masters?

    here is something I thought of. Why is Sora in the KH Shibuya. Is it Sora's job to mend those who are hurting what if Sora wasn't finishing mending peoples hearts. In Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora managed to meet Ephemer from Kingdom Hearts X and in the secret ending the Fourtellers reveal Ava didn't...
  10. K

    Could Sora Be The Master of Masters?

    ok i see your points
  11. K

    Could Sora Be The Master of Masters?

    To obvious. Please its Sora's father.
  12. K

    Could Sora Be The Master of Masters?

    I would't say he faded away i dont believe Sora is dead guys I mean if thats the case why didn't he appeare back in the station of awakening or turn into a heartless. I think he was being summoned
  13. K

    Sora's New Mentor Theory.

    Thank you for letting me know your perspective. I actually agree why does Sora need a master I mean every thing he learned he learened by himself. Maybe thats why Sora seams to be more stronger that Aqua, Terra, and Ventus. Because he learns buy aobserving yeah Namura maybe you shouldn't use...