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  • I did use some smudging in the first tag actually.

    Also it'd be fun to finish that pokemon battle if you're still up for it. I'll post if so.
    Oh, well. I'll just wait and see. Besides.....We've gotten a swarm of new members over the last couple of weeks. You nver know what could happen. For now, I'll just wait it out....Though if I can talk to Abs/Lunar, I will. For now, I guess we should just hang tight. :/

    I'm also thinking of a Star Ocean/Star Trek crossover RP in my head right now....But that's just cause I'm considering a Star Ocean/Star Trek story, LOL.

    One step at a time....
    I thought of that, but ii'd basically be advertising myself....And considering how they'r only talking about that game in that Thread, it'd be kinda shitty when you get down to it. I'd advertise in my sig, but I have no more room, LOL.
    I noticd. I just need 2 moree people and I can make it work. Abs said he'd consider it, but I haven't heard from him, so I'll assume he's out. If you know anybody...By all means, direct them there. And thanks for bein' pattient. :)
    I have an idea for you character, since you need a reason to have Kabir more calm and normal, and Salvatore needs to make an apperance again, how about during a short rampage the two run into eachother. Salvatore could give him some control over his body again, feeling an enemey that was more in tune with the world is less of a threat than somone who is a raging lunatic. Your call dude lol
    Yeah your character was accepted but take off the part in the appearance where it says he has a Lieutenant badge on his arm.
    The way I see it, it was just a race to see who could get accepted first. You two finished at roughly the same time.
    It was directed towards either you or Zek. You are both goin' for the same spot. It just goes towards the one that wins the race.
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