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    KH3 problem?

    you know that nomura(sp?) said that he would release kh3 around the middle age of the ps3? don't you think that the actors would age? if they were going to put Sora as an adult, cool but if it is another year by, that could be a problem...
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    What is the difference between the english and japanese kh2? besides the language, are the any other optional bosses?
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    Japanese/English Question

    why is it that most of the disney characters like capt. Jack Sparrow and Simba sound almost the exact same in japanese?
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    An early goodbye

    i know some people are going to become isolated when they get their kh2. So im just going to say goodbye now before i become locked into my room with the playstation.
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    English Atlantica!!!!

    today i was searching youtube and i found an english atlantica it is a long link, lol if it doesn't work sorry and if this is old please don't flame
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    odd....(release date)

    today i called my local electronic store(the soruce) and they said that kh2 will arrive there on march 21, does that mean that all of canada and US will get kh2 on the same day? plz dont flame
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    If sora had a sibling, who would he/she be and how old? EDIT: please give a name to
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    Let's say that Sora...

    okay let's say sora has a different weapon that is not a keyblade, what would his weapon be? post opinons here:)
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    XIII Order (stupid question)

    just had a stupid question on mind... you know there are 13 organization members right? what happens when another member joins? would it be called the 14th Order. dont flame :D
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    How old do you think...

    how old do you think the XIII order is? and i was also wondering how do you get rep power?
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    Sancturary, dont flame

    i was listening to sancturary the other day and i noticed that there is still a part of japanese in it. do you think that they will fix this or keep it that way, plz don't flame...
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    pic help

    does anyone have a link where i can see the difference between sora in kh1 and sora in kh2?
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    can you save your game once you clear it? or is it like kh1?
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    In kingdom hearts, we had to collect all the dalmations. In kh2 do we collect dalmations or anything else or even nothing at all?
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    Sora's Last name

    This has been in my head for awhile, if sora had a last name, what would it be? Just asking for opinons...:)