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Recent content by King_Mickey1000

  1. K

    dont read

    ..... WTF? *words to make post longer*
  2. K

    dont read

  3. K

    dont read

    http://ps2.ign.com/articles/356/356087p1.html Use google. He's your friend
  4. K

    So...Wait. Who's he?

    A character from FFVI His name is Setzer
  5. K

    What did you enjoy????

    SWS don't insult him just because he's answering your question. I actually agree to that. I didn't want to play KH2 again after I beat it.
  6. K

    Who do you think would cuddle you more?

    Give us some more characters D: I'd cuddle a moogle <3
  7. K

    KH2 RPG Site

    It's not aloud period,Dan
  8. K

    Super Paper Mario

    New Paper Mario game http://planetgamecube.com/gameArt.cfm?artid=11445
  9. K

    Coke VS Pepsi

    I lurve both. But I don't find Pepsi as refreshing as Coke so... Coke for me.
  10. K

    best and Worst team partners and summons in KH1 AND 2

    Shitty summons:All of them except for Genie and Mushu Best summon:Genie Shittiest Party memba:I despise Simba and his weak limit! Besht Party memba:Riku
  11. K

    Who is going to be your favorite character in kh2

    yeah this thread is kinda dead <_< Har har...it rhymes =D
  12. K

    kh2 japanese/english change

    Cool...I guess
  13. K

    is com worth it

    Just download it and try it out for yourself
  14. K

    If You could combine 2 keyblades from KH/KH-2-What would they be & Why?

    I'd combine Diamond Dust and OathKeeper