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  • Hello everybody! We have tons of new awards for the new year that can be requested through our Awards System thanks to Antifa Lockhart! Some are limited-time awards so go claim them before they are gone forever...


King Thanatos
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  • The Roxas Ventus thing is only because Nomura sucks as a designer and is running out of ideas. It's showing more and more and more as he goes on in his career.
    Sion (Bouncer) - Sora - Neku (TWEWY) is an example.
    That sounds like fun. I'm actually supposed to be on hiatus right now but whatevs.

    I suppose it's good that they went a bit deeper into the character of Roxas than the 10 minutes we had for development which resulted in him just being Sora with a bit more emotions... But, eh.
    Oh gosh, this is awkward. Thanks for the fix! I honestly did not see it when I wrote it. It's like midnight here, and I was up since 6 in the morning; not a good combination.
    Lol, I'm not pro. I haven't touched my PSP in months ^^

    Well, that's nice. I wouldn't be able to play with you anyway since I lack a PS3, and have no wifi for Xlink-kai.
    I love being asked questions so I seem smarter. c:

    Anyway. You have to put in the same info for using Trillian so here we go.

    The server would be irc.rizon.net
    The room title (channel) is #junes

    Mibbit.com Webchat client
    On the drop down menu at the top box called "IRC:" select Rizon.
    Then type in the nick you want and then on the "Channel" type #junes.
    Trillian you do but Trillian is really freaking useful.

    Mibbit is a site that you just put in the server and room title and you're done.

    Both aren't complicated at all. There are how to's out there on how to use them.
    I use Trillian and mibbit. Trillian is an all-in-one IM, twitter, facebook, email thing and has IRC.

    Mibbit is just a web browser IRC.
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