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  • I would but i go away from time 2 time, so I cant. And I post way 2 much on the thingy that doesn't raise your post count. So I would have all ready have had 150 by now XD
    lol no not yet. None of the Generals have posted, but my leader character, Kingdomkeys keyblade character and the Gemini Twin Leaders have been posted. So anyone can really post anything they want to at the moment.
    Hahahah i feel you... Well Im bout to go to Louisiana on tuesday so... i won't be posting after that... I will be back that saturday. Hahaha You are the first person to know!!!
    Well not much has happened. The members of the Dawn Breed/Nobodies, are having a meeting to decide what to do , the keybladers at the academy are taking care of a small heartless attack with three darksides and neo shadow, though two of them are already defeat. And the other characters who have posted are on certain worlds. So nothing really important has happened yet.
    so no spoilers for people who haven't played AC2 but there are going to be references to the first game thats about it
    well i guess whe came up with the name so i guess thats the place will put up an info site... need to think about the name for the Garangian planet...any ideas?
    dude i hav no idea of what the planet's name is
    so if its Cirion then yeah sure lol thats why people need to pm me so i can put it on the front page of the occ and sign ups
    so i guess the planet for the Garangians is also under consideration...
    or you can do a time skip and make it look like he had heard everything or something idk you will think of something :) just use your imagination
    okay we hav a plan to defend the planet as humans in space while the Fondarians defend on the land. So basically thats it. Also shane and his main squad (the rper's who hav characters) are going to get one of their last meals so yeah thats about it
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