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  • xD Yeah last minute decisions do that. There's a multiverse one? Ugh that would be hard, most multiverses take years. x[
    Holy shi-!! You have to write that many!? I can't do that, my mind isn't made to write. ouo
    haha Just don't use them in the forums outside forum insanity, games, VMs, pms, or foyer cause they take it as spam. ;3
    Nope. ;3 Watch:

    Just hold space bar between the last letter and the period/question mark.
    Haha, well! If you follow Gram's and my VMs to each other, you can tell that we're less than pleased. He's pissed and I'm just so completely flabbergasted that its turned into frustration. I feel like more rules shoulda been made, and that members would've gotten a clear warning rather than a thread the day before. Contestants are supposed to be 18+, so I feel like rules could've been easily implemented. Its not discriminating if you're already cutting off by age. How about a "members BEFORE the announcement only" rule?

    I'm not trying to brag or anything. And I'm especially less happy that people are posting irrelevant information on threads. I'm like, "Oh look! New discussion on a theory thread!" Then I go to check and its 2-3 new members using short sentences to communicate where they aren't supposed to. Don't even get me started on triple-posting. Ugh.

    But it IS good to see the community bustling again!
    Jeez man, good luck to you! Both Max and I have been working on the challenges evenly throughout the month, so now that we're on the last couple of days we're at two or three challenges a piece.
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