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  • Oh cool! I noticed you quoted me in your signature! And my other comment was directed towards your pic with Obama.
    .... I answered your question in the only post to be made since you have asked it. So it is not like we even ignored it. I went back and bolded the answer.
    NAH B. You can't call him Barry. I get to call him that because we go way back. We used to share drums in Kenya.
    this is the real world version:

    reporter: mr. president are you gay?

    president: i belive that all people have the right to become or be what they want for america is a free country.

    reporter: mr president my question was are you gay?

    president: listen i think everything is entitled to there own sexuality but as a christian i have my own beliefs always them

    everyone in the audience silent

    president; thank you have a good night

    man in the back: that was a close one mr. president

    president: yes it was do you know how the press would react to a homosexual as there president

    man in the back: don't worry mr. president the world will never know our secret

    yeah its true but i think the presidents are told not to give straight answers and besides people like them to make long preaches it would be weird sounding like this:

    Reporter: mr. president what are your opinions on gay marriage?

    president: i think it's a vile act and i do not agree. thank you goodnight

    everyone in the audience silent
    hey bro listen up!!! LOTS HAVE HAPPENED SINCE we last spoke about the project and We're NOT gettin any ppl to know bout it.... and I hate CGNET SO MUCH!!! ughhhh


    That's the latest BETA for a trailer I constructed with the help of our Production team =D
    Tell me what you think about it

    AND try to pay a visit to CGNET's utube page. I think he's trying to get revenge on me or somethin by starting his own production... =\
    hey khphantom hows mw2, haven't been able to play lately because of my parents.
    Hey YO!!!

    I noticed something on the English FANDUB vid i posted... A LOT OF ppl seem to be missing from the Video Responses...

    Do u still have a playlist of those ppl's auditions??
    i now know everything about birth by sleep and what the next kingdom hearts is about. ven's heart is in sora, terra's heart is in the armor that is in kingdom hearts final mix, and aqua is with ansem in the dark meridian. and in kh3 sora goes back on an adventure to save them. oh an vanitas is a somekind of dark version of sora.
    spoiler section wheres that, oh and by the way on youtube i found birth by sleeps secret ending. it was awesome!
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