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    Keyblades and transformations

    Oh i understand that theyre their personal keyblades i just meant in a gimmicky sense similar to void gear and no name in bbs. Additionally i didnt necessarily mean needing to bring back old keyblades more so new designs potentially to represent different character bonds and growth. More so...
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    Keyblades and transformations

    Is anyone else rather disappointed in the lack of personal keyblades in this game. Most games we have some keyblades that show character growth or links with other original characters, however this game we were limited to world keyblades and a couple of bonus ones with ratatouille and classic...
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    Identity of the 5th foreteller(theory)

    So far all we know about this mysterious 5th foreteller is it is going to be female and has been saved as the last reveal. A little theory I've been thinking of is what if that last foreteller is Kairi. We've been given the impression that unchained x/union x takes place in the dream realm or...
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    SE back to ignoring NA

    So while going through all the latest hype surrounding KH II.8 did anyone else notice this message. "Famitsu reveals that Unchained X Japan players who log in on October 1 will receive 3000 jewels and Sora & Friends as a present." Just as it seems SE might be trying to do some damage control...
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    Did the last episode of KH X's story hint at the X-blade

    Hey guys, not too sure if this has been talked about yet but there's once scene in the last story episode of khx that stood out to me. Here ( at 9:51) is the scene where the player awakes in the middle of the crossroads of keyblades and is surrounded...
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    KH3 cheesy ending

    hey guys, i posted this as a comment to one of the other threads on the GoL losing but; Does anyone else see the game going in a direction where there ends up being 8 GoL and 12 SoD. Xehanort ends up nortifying sora, the x-blade is forged, yet sora(nort) is in control. we then fast forward to a...
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    Possible return of the Keyblade Armour??

    Hey guys, this is my first post here, but after reading so many awesome theories and playing the games one thing sort of stood out to me, that i don't think has been addressed yet. Originally the keyblade armour was designed solely as a new means of hiding new characters in the kh2 secret...