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    Kadaj's Revenge

    Okay, well i thought i would try a stab at a new fanfic, this is centered aorund kadaj, its set in a AU and has nothing to do with Final fantasy seven, but it is still very good, if your a fan of my other fanfic, the you'll like this one to. Kadaj's Revenge Chapter 1: The beginning of a...
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    Kh2_is_god fan club, a fan club for my fans....

    Okay so i thought i would make a fan club for myself since i guess no one else was, i wanted to see exactly how many people actually read my fanfic or is just a fan of my work.... SO if you want to join just ask me on here.... we 'll also discuss many thing on here and ill have a contest on who...
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    Kh2 reality show.

    A while ago i was looking through the forums and found a thread that asked 'What would a kingdom hearts reality show would be like? ' on down the forums there was a link to a funny comic that was really long. but i lost the link and i cant find the threadd. Does anyone know what i am talking...
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    Final fantasy

    WHen was Final fantaasy 12 suppose to come out? Im sry i forgot!!!!
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    Sephiroths sword.

    What is Sephiroth's sword called. Well i mean what type is it?
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    kingdom hearts 3

    Chapter 1 Sora lay on the beach thinking of times past, he sifted his hands through the sand. The sound of the ocean was like a calling, he could feel his eyes getting heavy, suddenly, he smiled. Finally, he thought, the worlds are finally at peace. “ Sora, your falling asleep!” Kairi yelled...
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    just a theory.....

    hey everyone i have a theory, we all know that when someone dies a heartless is made and a nobody is made. ok if the organization are nobodies what happened to thier heartless? could these possibly be the villians for the next game? dont flame!! _________________
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    just thinking...

    its just a thought, but does anyone think that they'll make a kh movie? i think that would be awsome!! _____________________________
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    i was just wondering... *may contain spiolers*

    why is it that in the japenese version of the end that it had kairi running up to sora with a bottle and a message and then her/riku/sora/ reads it, but in the english it doesnt? _______________________________________________
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    i am new at this, this is my first thread anyways i need some help, does the secret ending in kh2 just show up at the end or do you have to do things to acquire it like in the first one? sry if this has been posted before! and also can some tell where i can find some sigs sry if i didnt say...