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  • Ewewewew EWWW >.<

    Some of mah pals're helpin' me with that problem... I just hope it doesn't happen anymore. >:
    Geh, tell me about it. D: They think that if they wait a couple days, I'll be willing to Date them online. *puts up No-Cyber-plz sign* >:
    I am? I'm just bein' mahself. OwO Geh, perhaps it's just my personality... I just hope I'm not a pedo magnet. o.o
    Eh, 'pends on if I can keep up with everythin' or not. =w= I have almost 50 friends I think... Am I some kind of magnet or what? WHY DO ALL OF THESE PEOPLE BEFRIEND MEH?
    OwO Just one 'lol' would suffice. A typo, I can forgive, but not reading. D: I just get touchy.
    Helpin' newbies is just what I do. I guess it's instinctual, but make sure you read everything from now on. You can get on a lot of people's bad sides by just missing out on some info.
    If you'd read the first page like most all rp'ers, you would've known that we had both a lexeaus, ven, and what the storyline was. =w=

    Voco-sama's short tempered and due to your earlier actions, you might wanna join a new rp now... Unless you fully read everything and keep up.
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