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  • Lol, I'm sure that is the case with most forums.
    And thank you!
    If you don't mind me asking, how so?
    Hah :D
    Oh! Im sorry!
    I didn't know I was given any!
    How do I know when I am?
    If I knew, I wouldve thanked you right away.
    Thank you!
    Ok seems like not maany ppl like ya from what i read lol...... And to find out y ppl don't like you and dis-rep you, you should clicck on their username and ask on a personal chat like i am now instead of making it public and having douches write and give you S**T. Its easier and nicer =P lol. And here i'll rep u to make u happy ok?

    P.S.: Please rep back bud lol
    Not much at all. Trying to work out and diet but it's hard with Thanksgiving coming up. Dunno what I'm going to do about that.

    What about you?
    Lol. Thanks but it's really just my patience. xD
    As for being an asshole it's a long running fad that people have been doing here since long before even i arrived. ^^;;;
    No problem. I merely look to help others in need. Honestly so. Anyways do as you say and befriend others as well as build your new reputation in the process. ^_^
    Dude I find it kinda funny that you want respect on a Kingdom Hearts forum on the internet. lol. But anyways I suppose I should give you a tip or two. I would suggest you not create so many threads when you're still so new here. Let your reputation build here and i don't mean that stupid green or in your case red bar. I mean real reputation amongst KHI's members. Also post intelligence info and converse in such a manner. Never do something completely stupid that gives others a reason to rag on you. If you have a question that might seem stupid don't make a thread PM or VM a mod or someone who has been here longer than you so they can fill you in. What I said in your thread is thew truth. You pulled some really stupid moves in that thread. I suggest you try to make up for those moves starting now should you want to remain here at KHI.
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