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  • lol,
    If I were getting a job, I think I would want to be a lifegaurd or work were there is ice-cream
    Cool I wish I can paint my room. But ah well.
    I got a summer job. I'm planning on saving some money and buying some things. Also going to hang out with my friends in the summer alot.
    Well I been pretty busy as usually. But break is almost soon Thank goodness

    How you been
    I know!It's so close!Makes me just want to quite now
    It's my own KH character named Destiny who is a human counterpart of Kingdom Hearts itself, I'm at the part where she becomes one with KH during the battle between Sora and Ansem, it's about to get really intersesting ^_'
    Well, my opinion on Kairi changed. :C I decided to join the HC. I'm still a SoKai fan though (although not as big as I used to be)
    Heh yeah... It was nice with the snow in the beggining, but now its just annoying...
    :D There hasent been much rain here lately... im actually starting to miss it. Only snow, snow and more snow. And loads of gray days.... :/
    i been good but, thank goodness after tomorrow i have the rest of the week a break
    yeah he one of my favorite anime characters. he is so cool
    yours is sora right lol
    so how you been haven't talk in a while
    Nah it`s not too bad... how`s your weather? :D
    haha LOL. yeah youre right they are almost the same, but not quite.I don't know why I love KH music as much as I do, I mean I've never really liked classical or orchestra music, but my iPod is stiil full of KH songs. =D
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