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    Kiari in the scan!!!!!

    What is young Kairi doing in the scan behind Aqua????????
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    KH 358/2 days

    Why on earth did they give kingdom hearts 358/2 days that name? I played the game and never found out, am I too blind to get the message?! :angry:
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    Kingdom hearts FINAL GLITCH

    This is about "switching main characters". What would happen if Kairi was the chosen one? I just thought it was funny if Kairi would be the main character. How would she deal with situations Sora had to go through... Chapter 1. Kairi wakes up one morning at the sound of her own screaming...
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    Kingdom Hearts BTS

    Me and my other 2 friends made up our own KH fanfic manga of what characters actually do behind the scenes, and thats exactly what we called our website. Of course, we drew the manga and never written any kind of script, it'd be hard paisting the drawings here, so I would love it if u guys...