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  • i posted it.and i'm changing my signaturre thingy. It's old! and I wan't one with sora on it :D
    ahahah she is adorable! and SHUT UP! your not fat!!! and I can assure you that they won't but i'll do it for you <3 :p
    oh wow that makes me feel better!!! :p and amber and i were laughing with mariana and our team because Amber said "i wanna name my kid Rufus so I can call it Ruf Ruf." Then I said "yeah that'd be funny! RUF RUF! I SAID NO COOKIES!!!" and Amber just burst out laughing hahahaha
    hahhaha mrs. petite hates me so much. Every other second is "SOPHIA STOP IT"
    i was just laughing at carries sneeze! its like a freaking machine gun!!!
    ok! here's your reply!!

    we can continue the arguement later and thanks for reminding me to get some sleep, it is pretty late where i live!

    talk to you later :D
    Teenage problems? hmm...
    You joined student council? Why on Earth?You shouldn't overwork yourself, doing student council, sports and school at the same time can be stressful and time consuming. Try taking slow at first and add stuff on as you get used to it.
    Why do you suddenly like math? Did your teacher brainwash you?
    Talk to you tomorrow!
    D: You'll get used to it.
    You have so much homework that you don't even get 8 hours already?
    :D See, it's not all bad.
    I'm doing fine, I start school next Monday -_- I got to choose all of my classes this year though :D
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