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  • Z
    Goodness, your signature is huge, can you resize those or something? Just asking.
    XD You could scare people like that.
    They're getting better? :D It gets even easier as you go during freshman year.
    You too? ): I really want to play it but I have to save all of my money though.
    D: You should rest... Don't overwork yourself.
    It's you?!? :O The cake frosting makes you look kinda like a ghost XD
    All of my classes this year great :D I got every single one that I chose.
    How are your classes going?
    I am also, but I don't have a PSP to play it though T^T
    It's great. I'm meeting all these new wonderful people. It's really cool.

    It's good to see you're ok lol you kinda just disappeared.
    omg even more stuff in common

    But yeah I'm getting mine for my birthday too. So how is school?
    XD Was there any particular reason that your friend was wearing that make-up?

    I'm doing awesome :) I started school this week and so far all of my classes have been great. I get to go to the beach for Oceanography :D

    BBS is coming soon :D
    Hello :D Your new avatar is kinda freaky XD

    How's it goin lately?
    So I'm on the phone with you right now and I wanted to tell you that I think you're voice on the phone sounds just like that girl you hate...Alexis. Anyways, your gonna go take a shower and bike over to my house so we can go to target and take amazing [intense sarcasm] sexy pictures like the ones we got off of some random site. [sarcasm has ended] since you suck at telling when I'm being sarcastic over text and internet.
    I love you girly! See you later!
    HAHAHA. I just realized that you're not friends on here. Anyways, we should hang out today so I'mma call you on my home phone. WE CAN GO TO THE LAKE WITH ALICIA <3 :D Plus I need to tell you everything that happened with Dan. Less than 24 hours is a new record for him :/ Hahh, and people on that infamous picture thingy think we got our pictures off of some random site. It just proves how freaking sexy we are, betch.

    Look at that hotness. Hahahaha that cat hates Ari. So much. I like my smile. It looks like I'm going crazy. That cat likes you...he only lets you hold him.
    oh, and since me and Dan are done, we should get engaged on facebook..once you make one.
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