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  • My week was so and so. Same old same old I guess. Been playing BBS the whole week lol

    Have you finished it yet?
    Yeah, yeah everything is fine. They were all god. My dads sister was trapped under rubble for a while but she is all good.

    /change depressing topic

    how was your day? lol
    Ah, that is great to hear. I kind of know how that feels. My family was affected by the hatian earthquake that happened this year.
    KH has never really been that difficult of a game aside from the battle with Sephiroth in KH1. So you shouldn't have to much trouble with critical outside of the secret bosses.

    I'm doing well :) I've been drawing a lot more lately. School is a bit of an obstacle but I only have one classs that I don't like.

    How about yoou?
    bah no im not goin :( none of my closer friends want to, and all the other ones are goin to quince's :p
    your's sounds like fun though!
    haha i love the 80's!(but its is a bit cliche:D)
    aww a goofy hat<3 all i have are minnie mouse ears! :(
    Are you goin to your homecoming dance?:)
    haha awesome! are u guys having a theme,ours is box-office blitz tmrow is superhero day! :D

    yeah im playin bbs, but im playing backwards(aqua,ven,terra) who's your fav character so far? :)
    You sure you want to go from easy to critical?
    In critical mode I don't think you level up, you just get the moves and abilities. Your stats stay the same throughout the game.
    I'm sure that you don't suck at the :p
    I don't think you can unlock the secret video on easy mode though...
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