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    Welcome. And thank you! :) Good to know there's only a few chapters left. And I understand if you got to take time off before putting up more stories to keep yourself from burning out. I'm truly amazed you've been able to keep writing so many stories within a short span of time! And that's great to hear you have smaller fanfics in mind to write about. :D
    I got a lot of catching up to do on your series! It's good to see you're posting your new arc for your kingdom hearts series. I hope you're doing well, KeybladeOrder! And I wish you a early Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! C:
    Hi there!

    I plan on catching up on Kingdom Hearts V: Balance of Power as soon as possible, and I really look forward to the next installment being around Thanksgiving. <3 Just wanted you to know that, because I really enjoy your series a lot. Even though, it takes me awhile to read through it all. <3

    Anyways, how're you doing lately? :)
    In that case, go ahead and continue posting as many chapters as you can, because I don't want to prevent you from working on other fanfiction projects. =D (Now that I know why you were posting so many at one time, I don't mind it now.) And I can still read all of your chapters, no problem, and I've already filled my quota of reading for the day. So don't wait on my account, cause I can only read so much before I require a break or two. lol.
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