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Recent content by keyblademaster16

  1. K

    dose anybody no how to put up music vidios

    i made a music vidio last nitgh aand dont n how to put it up on the fourms can someone help me???
  2. K

    how long did it take for u to beat kingdom hearts 2

    it took me 50 hours to get absolutly everything. porud and all. best freakin game ever. and right now iamre doing kh1 and then com and then 2 agian iam half way threw one it so much diff
  3. K

    did anyone else flip out

    okay did anyone flip out when they first played as mickey. i know i did and it was hella kick ass. also when was the first time u played as him mine was beast castle cause i ran out of potions
  4. K

    KH2 final mix?

    they allready said they wenrt going to make one. and if they did somehow i would want to fight roxas as sora instead of it being a cut secne
  5. K

    cooolest part of kh2

    deffently amazing the riku sora team up was awsome
  6. K

    cooolest part of kh2

    theres probley been lots of these but i want to no waht was the coolest part for u i would hav to say when sora fought roxas that was so kool or when roxas fought axel i saved a slot right before thta part so i can due it over and over
  7. K

    Honestly ,Did KH2 gave you all you wanted in a Game?

    go get god of war and then ull be happy kh2 was everhting i wanted
  8. K

    Shawdow Sora huh?

    it dosent tell u how to get in in ur menu
  9. K

    why riku........why???

    i know he gave it her but since when did he decide who gtes keyblades ah we may never know
  10. K

    why riku........why???

    i know he gave it her but since when did he decide who gtes keyblades ah we may never know
  11. K

    why riku........why???

    how did riku give it ti her ahhhh i really want to no that
  12. K

    If You could combine 2 keyblades from KH/KH-2-What would they be & Why?

    deffinatly lionheart and oblivion cause those were my favs and meatle chocbo and the one that aron gives u why because i think those are the thickest key blades out there
  13. K

    Shawdow Sora huh?

    where can i get those cheats to get it at the menu
  14. K

    why riku........why???

    ur wrong there in kh1 kiare got tearned into a heartless rember when riku fond her at peter pan. namani and roxas both got created when they both tearend into a heartsless get it and namnai dosent have a keyblade cause riku gave her one (which i still dont know how he did)
  15. K

    why riku........why???

    i thought that was kool. she wasnt very good with it but hey she wanted to fight not sit on the sideline. rember she says this time ill fight. another thing how did he just give her one