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  • Japanese Herbal Shampoo used in Cloud's hair and it doesn't even get rain frizz?

    How much crazier are you gonna get? You may be the first vegan I know of, but there's no reason for you to also be the first CRAZY vegan I know. xD
    and just when ya know she cudnt get crazier she does :Obut yo last post shows you love meh <3XD
    but i cant think of an equally lame one :O give me an hour and ill have it ;D so hows your friday XD
    Just be careful to not use as much hair gel as Cloud. I swear, I think he used cement, because he sleeps and wakes up with it everyday. xD
    You're a vegan? o-O

    I couldn't really tell. Speaking of geostigma chocobos, my sister Amanda made geostigma in the bottle.

    It's just ink and water, so you spray a layer on, dry it, and keep on adding layers like so and eventually you'll end up looking like you have geostigma.
    Oh heyyy sorry my life got sorta busy with my friends.stupid school has to come back and stop all our fun.and thnx i might be thinkin of sumthin soon!
    You mock meh chocobos for having geostigma!? You're off the hook...for now. >:^(
    You killed dex's chocobos o-o nice XD and yeh i did rob the bank a long time ago :3 if you remember in US i got banned for 3 days for doing it and you scolded me o-o but yeh XD I AINT NO GOODY GOODY D:but yeh 1:30 XDlatey late late :p
    and good luck on Compy >:3
    Um, yeah...I haven't been on in a while either, since people don't really respect me enough to be kind. Things went way down hill since we last talked.
    Eh, I always got problems trying to sleep. So, I'm usually up 2 hours past when I was supposed to be asleep. Either that, or almost make it a whole day without sleep just to wind up crashing.

    Seems like in about a week, I'll be off to Naples for a while with my grandparents. Can't say I'm exactly enthusiastic, by can't say I dislike it. Then again, I'm kinda moody when it's hot and bright like it is today ( which is just about every day ).
    Ugh, my time on here's been on and off lately, need to get back on moah. >:

    Anyways, how've things been going? I got somewhere around something like 20 days before school's back in. Gonna take a huge chunk outta my time on here, so I might start leaving again due to the huge piles of homework I'll get again. ;~;
    You dont sleep do you...

    well i think itd be cool if you came back and i could help :D
    and really everyones pretty much stuck where they are until like fall so you have time to catch up.
    and you dont have to be on all the time i know you have a busy life so not like us with no lifes XD
    and if you dont want to go to that college you could say you dont? homeschool makes it easier to get on ill tell ya like the program im doing lets me do classes online so i HAVE to be on XD but yeh i think itd be smashing for you to come back :D
    now enuff of my giant message spamming your page:p also a sad bike rack was from spongebob XDDD
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