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  • Actually for the most part I made note of inserting that into my post simply because a good portion of the members here are... well, soft. That and it's a touchy subject and things tend to fly off the handle quite a lot; at least in the past. Wasn't doubting your stance or sensibility, just wanted to play it safe.

    No problem by the way, should have probably stuck both of these little tid bits in the thread but I wanted to make it a bit more personal. And yeah, it's never good to assume in most cases, since you're well rounded and seem level headed I didn't rush in and call you out. Not that I do, but there are very few instances where it was necessary >_> some people just shouldn't be in debates.
    oh lol ya i hate it lol.......Can i have your inpt on my new sig. Which one you like more? I'll send you my new thought one.
    ya me too HS is hard kinda lol...And youch like a cleaning, or an ortho?? I got my ortho on tuesday =/
    Yeah its pretty cool. we have got somthin like a basketball developement program coming up were we have to teach the younger kids how to play B-ball
    Question....Where'd you get that pic in your signature?
    I say that because that was the signature that FLUXY made for me...I don't mind if you use it, I just want you to give credit to FLUXY for it.
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