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    Kingdom Hearts Anonymous

    This is a Fan Club for Kingdom Hearts fans that have an addiction to said game. Same rules for any fan clubs apply here. :thumbsup: I am not a crook
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    Pokemon Sapphire Version Gameshark Codes

    Does have any gameshark codes for it?
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    Mortal Kombat Armageddon

    As many of us know,the last game for MK is coming out............so discuss away!
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    anti form

    interesting...thanks twohearts.
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    How do u face sephiroth more then once????

    Yeah,too bad,but hopefully u saved the Showdown
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    KH2 Glitches!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?search=Kingdom+Hearts+Glitches&v=zyKQdHx-rAY this is the glitch I was talking about
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    KH2 Glitches!

    KH2"that "Jesus Glitch on my first visit to Hollow Bastion when u have to gaurd the gate
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    Xehanort Fanclub

    Okay,I have started a Fanclub for Xehanort's Heartless.Mainly because he is a cool villian and deserved more airtime. the rules are the same as any fanclub President: keyblade_creator Members: axel's son 13 Xemmories masterofoblivion Cold_Axel KHprodigy1 Zexion543
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    Help needed on some helpful items

    There is the keyblade Sweet Memories,which u get after u finish 100 Acre Woods
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    no point!!

    If there was no point why did u bother to do it?
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    I turned Valor Form when those purple heartless came,but I turned Anti. Still won though
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    Does anti from Level up?

    Basically punishment for driving too much
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    Mickey Battles

    Why do people keep beating me to it!?