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  • Hey! Thanks for the friend request that you probably sent ages ago haha. Sorry it took me so long to see it, I just sort of stopped coming to this forum much at all.
    No problem. Happy to help out any time. So, if you need help with anything else. Feel free to contact me. =D
    Okay, then I will take care of the previous thread you made. If you're confused on how to contact me, just do it through Private Messages. ;3
    Hey there, I just saw your thread in the Creative Media section. C: You don't need to make a second thread. It's just a minor mistake. So, don't worry so much! :3 Unfortunately, you have to pick one of the two threads you made. Can't really have more than one of the same thread. So, which one do you want to keep?
    Wonderful! New roleplayers are always welcome.
    Why not introduce yourself to the section in the Roleplaying Tavern?
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