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  • Oh no... You, too, have fallen into the horror that are the Ponies...? *shrugs* ._. (Hey, how's it going? :])
    That's just part of battles. You have to find a way to get the other person to move at your own pace. That way you can develop a plan to slam on your opponent's weakness.
    Hey, I was just wondering if I was being a bit too serious in the battle. I mean, you didn't even make any actions that could constitute as an attack in your last post.
    Just so ya know, in the Battle Network RP I would like to use your Navi's kick to send a spinning WombatMan into the enemy. Just didn't want to RP your characters, ya know?
    Just tell me if you change your mind!

    By the way, that second RP you recommended for me, what's it's canon from? Just curious. <3
    MaPS, if you want Fluttershy you can have her. I'll happily take Twilight Sparkle instead, then all three of us can match!
    If you're new you make an opening post for your character, introducing him/her into the story etc.
    That's not the point; the point is you had nothing to do with the thread at all. You expressed NO interest in fighting the thread creator. You were NOT the one challenged at all. And I'll say it again; it was over a month old. Being on the front page does NOT mean a thread is active. After a month or more without activity it should be obvious something roleplay related is not happening.

    What did you contribute to the thread that was necessary?
    As ..far as reviving an old thread goes, no, you had nothing to do with it and no one asked for criticism over a challenge that was never accepted. You were better off just ignoring the topic, you had no part in it. No offense but that's just how it is. I mean no one posted in it for over a month, you were better off just moving on.
    I just didn't see a point in posting when it never got off the ground; essentially all you did was provide a negative comment that no one needed at the time. I think that was justified.

    How is what done?
    Okay, I've almost finished my post. When its done tell me if there are any problems!
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