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    News ► Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMix Jump Festa Trailer

    I don't think you understand exactly how much work goes into just animating a facial expression, especially when faces are some of the hardest things to animate. And take this from the one who's going to school for this. Like the others said, they didn't allocate a ton of people to this...
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    KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 Re:MIX Discussion

    Yeah, when you think about it, you really wouldn't be able to fit all three of those covers on there well at all. :c Ideally, it'd be one new image with ALL THE CHARACTERS IN IT. That or a really nice blend of all the covers. As long as it's not just the three of them slapped together on one...
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    KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 Re:MIX Discussion

    You know what I'm curious about? New boxart. I would LOVE to see some brand-new Nomura artwork for the 1.5 box. <3
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    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    Re: The Official VA Discussion Thread And suddenly, an image of Ali Hillis and Troy Baker as Aqua and Terra popped into my mind... oh gosh, Nomura, make it so. *o* Not that I don't like their current VAs. >____>
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    [R4-B7] LongLiveLife vs. Weeaboo

    Arena: Hogwarts Castle, during the final battle from The Deathly Hallows Special Conditions: One of you is a Death Eater, The other is a Hogwarts student of any house or year of your choosing. The student is allowed to use a broom, while the Death Eater has the ability to turn into a shadow...
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    I dunno how dark this'll be on your screens, but here we go: I was toying around with the lighting on this one, i think it came out pretty decent... But I'd like some second opinions. ^^
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    [R3-B2] Alaude Drenxta vs. Prophet

    Scenario: You are both members of rival organizations, assassins sent out to do their bosses' dirty work. You are both friends outside of your jobs, and neither of you know the other's true line of work-- but the organizations know, and they fear you may be betraying information to their...
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    New Screenshot?

    Aww. I got excited until I looked closer. :/ *disappointed*
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    monster fight o___o

    Rawwwr. C&C is appreciated.
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    [R2-B6] Grandmaster_Chris vs. Piercing Light

    Arena: Barren Plain-- A flat expanse where many battles have taken place over the ages. The ground is dry and cracked, and vegetation and any other cover is scarce here. Two opposing forces meet here. Special Conditions: Both Battlers are restricted to the character templates The Professor and...
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    "Virus Detected"? (No spoilers, I think.)

    Ok, alright, thank you guys~ :D A Mod can close this thread now.
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    "Virus Detected"? (No spoilers, I think.)

    So, I'm on Tag Mode trying to get some balloons, when, right after I do a scratch card, the top screen starts flashing "VIRUS DETECTED!" I had to turn off my DS as it was running out of battery, so I couldn't do anything with it. What does it mean? Should I be worried or prepare for a really...
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    Share ur avatar (no spoilers)

    BAHA! Got it. Kinda plain and my camera sucks, so yeah. And I can't find my sister's DSi to take a better pic with. :/
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    Share ur avatar (no spoilers)

    Mine is so lame compared to all you guys'. XD I have: Saix's Hair, Xigbar's scar, lightblue eyelash-eyes, Cloud's sword, Riku's pants, that one white jacket, Kairi's necklace and shoes, and a dog-heartless buddy (forgot the name). I need to work on my avatar mode D: stupid eliminator...
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    Tales Of The Eliminator

    So I read this thread before i ever encountered one of these things... and now they appear ALL THE TIIIIIIMEEEE.... And I haven't been able to kill a single one of them. ;o;