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    Critical and the KhInsider members

    Just curious what the average measurement of the members' skills are. I myself did play on Critical a few times (KH2, BBS, 0.2) but I still gotta work on my skills as I'm having a hard time with KH2's Critical mode.
  2. Key-Chan567

    Death in Kingdom Hearts

    As far as I could understand, when someone 'dies' his heart turns into a Heartless and his body and soul turns into a Nobody. So according to this information no one in the KH universe can permanently die because their soul turns into something as well. It has been repeatedly stated in the KH2...
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    News ► The World Ends With You: Final Remix Brings New Pins, Music Options, and More!

    Amazing game with a wonderful story. Anyone who hasn't played it yet should definitely check it out.
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    Anime/Manga ► To every Manga fan out there

    https://youtu.be/y97RQPhEV-I This is a huge Manga poll presented by the Anime Man. Make sure to participate, friends! ^^
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    Music ► Shelter

    This is a 6 minute long music video I definitely recommend to everyone. It's a collaboration with Porter Robinson & Madeon making the music and writing the story and A-1 Pictures, animating the music video. It seriously is beautiful and can provoke strong feelings. I think we need more of these...
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    A question to the community here.

    I was just curious if there are actually K-Pop fans here ? To be honest, I myself am just starting to become one but it would be great to meet other fans and to exchange our experiences of K-Pop with one another. Right now I'm mostly listening to BTS and Day6 and today I'll start with Got7.
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    A problem with the KH girls

    After the 5th Union leader Strelitzia was introduced, I just thought about the KH girls in general and realized that most of them are seriously lacking screenplay or they weren't given the character development they deserved. You can disagree on my opinion but I think the only KH girl with a...
  8. Key-Chan567

    The Realm of Sleep Explained

    That was very helpful. Thanks for the great explanation!