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    The World Ends With You | It's A Wonderful World

    Re: Need HELP!!! The world ends with you HELP Well I can't recall the exact pin you are talking about... it's been a while... Nevertheless, you don't *need* the pin. I defeated the Pig noise with my top screen. Your partner can always deal damage to any enemy. Simply boost up your partner's...
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    This has been confusing me.

    It is located closer to the Realm of Darkness than Light, so I do not believe you could accurately call it Twilight. Technically the world itself is 'in-between' the Light and Drak Realms, but is bordering the Realm of Darkness. Nobodies are not both Light and Dark though. They are Nothing...
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    What is That Thing?

    Yeah, it's very fast, but you can see her hand.
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    Nobodies Really Have Desires/Wants?

    Well then, I reference back to my first post. And humans are very social creatures. No matter how anti-social one claims to be, one NEEDS human contact to survive. I find friendship to be an instinct. To long for something you need is a desire to me, and that does not require emotions to long...
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    Nobodies Really Have Desires/Wants?

    Well, don't think I was insulting you... it just... WOW! xD Well *clears throat* AtW would never work along side the Nobody of the apprentice that locked him away in the Realm of Nothing for, let's say 9 years. And if they SACRIFICE even ONE heart, then they should be stopped. What makes their...
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    Nobodies Really Have Desires/Wants?

    *laughs uncontrollably* Where to begin... 1. AtW HATES the Organization because Xehanort continued experimenting on the darkness and then sent him to the Realm of Nothing. 2. Roxas doesn't have the memories of Sora because of Sora's short time as a heartless. 3. Even though half heartless Sora...
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    Nobodies Really Have Desires/Wants?

    The Nobodies should have hearts, true. However Sora did not kill them for trying to get a heart, he did because of the METHOD they were using... Releasing Heartless into other worlds, those Heartless that preyed upon the hearts of innocent people whom also then became Heartless. The keyblade...
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    Nobodies Really Have Desires/Wants?

    I do not find that desire is an emotion, but an instinct. Hard to describe, but I think of emotions as happy, sad, angry.... but to hope, dream, and desire is something beyond that. It is what a soul can feel without a heart. For the soul has the will to live, and thus the desire to survive...
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    How Do You Unlock Behemut?

    Well Guyfromcrowd, as I said, I never played any FF games (Just a little of FFX). Thank you for the additional information, and for supporting my statement though. ^-^ Off-Topic: And so I see by your quote of the month, you have watched the KH chronicles, huh? =3
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    How Do You Unlock Behemut?

    Well neither have I. I only know who Bahamut was through a FF parody. Lol. And Angelsinflight, Bahamut is a summon that has been used in even earlier FF games. I am almost positive Bahamut was a summoning in FF7. He may have been in even other earlier ones than that but don't take my word for...
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    How Do You Unlock Behemut?

    No. There is absolutely no Bahamut data. It is only a little icon for summoning, and that's it. Nothing more. There is no Bahamut itself written into the game. If you really want to summon it, then summon Mushu and just make believe. XP
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    How Do You Unlock Behemut?

    Unfortunately, that is not possible. While the icon for summoning Bahamut exists, there is no game data for any summon, which is why it freezes. The Bahamut summon was scrapped and replaced with the Mushu summon. Mushu's summon move, Mega Flare, is Bahamut's signature move.
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    ( NEW?) Tifa Artwork

    Tifa's boobs are NEVER too big... Nonetheless, I agree with you. It was done by an extremely talented person, but doesn't seem to be Nomura's...
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    Riku's actions in KHII are rather ironic...

    That's true and I also thought that as well. But it's so not much a 360 as a 180, as it goes half way in the opposite direction.
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    Fanfiction ► Axel's fan-fic

    *somersaults forward* I am here! Don't worry, I'll still fix up your story.