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Recent content by Keechi Itano

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    Celestial Moon (An Okami RP)

    An Entry from the Diary of Celestial Envoy, Issun; With age, I have grown in my study of the 13 celestial brush techniques. It has been at least 100 years since I saw old Amaterasu off on his trip to the Celestial Plain. Since the defeat of Yami, the world has been a better one. There are no...
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    What's the future/present job of the person above you?

    I just made this one up out of thin air. You name the job that you think the person above you has or will have. (depends on age) It has to be a real job no "Space Pirate" or "Cave man" crap. My first game, so don't curse me out please.
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    I spent quite a while trying to figure out those damn rankings! Now we have new ones! The new ones are cooler, but I have to earn them all again!
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    Twighlight's Dawn Productions

    This is a video making club that is made for kingdom hearts videos of every kind! AMV's, parodies, Music Videos, Skits, you name it! To take the test to be in this club of video makers, go here and click on "Are You Ready?"
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    Balls of Fury

    This looks like its gonna be in the style of Dodgeball and Blades of Glory. And it has Masi Oka! Fighting a siamese girl(s) in ping pong! And it has Masi Oka!I love the part on the trailer where he steals the cricket out of the guy's hand! And it has Masi Oka as a waiter! Post what you thought...
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    How many times have you beaten the games?

    KH1- 28 CoM- 17 KH2- 32
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    Rogue Zero (A literate KH RP)

    Story ~~~~~~~~~~ It has been years upon years since the fall of peace.The realm of Light is in chaos, not to even mention the realm of darkness. The strong Nobodies that managed to take on human form have grown greatly in number, only to be hunted down by a new tactical force, The Righteous...
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    The Keyblade War : Tactical Warfare

    [Note: This will be like war. Anyone is welcome to join!] It was raining the night it started. The keyblades rained from the sky like water. Everyone wondered what they were, until he came. The man in the jacket brought an army of.....well.... things. They attacked without mercy. We had no...
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    New and here to role-play

    I'm new, and i'm a hardcore role-player. Hopefully I can find people that take it seriously! I like to get in touch with my character. Hope I don't freak anybody out too much! :blush: