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Recent content by kbmaster

  1. K

    Happy Birthday Kaori!

    HappyBirthday! Tommorow is kaori2244's birthday and since she will be gone to celebrate, I decided to make this today. Come here to wish her a happy birthday and celebrate with us. I know you want too. There's cake in it if you stay. :cool:
  2. K

    Diz is not Amsem

    Here is a thread I made a long time ago that should support the theory about DiZ being Ansem's shell. I newer when I made that thread, so it may be a little rusty. http://forums.khinsider.com/showthread.php?t=14077
  3. K

    what happened in hallow bastion n such..

    There is no connection between Namine and Kairi. Namine was Kairi's shadow in COM. This means that she pretended to be Kairi or that she took Kairi's place in Sora's life. There could be a connection between the BHK and Namine, but at the moment there isn't enough proof to support this...
  4. K

    I think I found a new image!!

    This is the pic that had the title you named.
  5. K

    I think I found a new image!!

    Which image are you talking about? http://images.google.com/images?q=Sora&hl=en
  6. K

    hey does ne1 know that karii's feet r hecka big

    Yeah, they do look a little out of proportion. They look better in the second game, though. I can't say the same for Riku because I haven't seen any screen shots of him in kh2.
  7. K

    Yellow Trinity in Agrabah

    The pillar allows you to access the upper part of the same room where you shoot a wobbly pillar with fire in order to get to Jafar in the Cave of Wonders. In the upper part, there is a statue with a red gem on it. Touch it to open a door at the lower part of the room. In there you will find two...
  8. K

    the Micky and DIZ connection

    I made a thread on this same subject 4 months ago. Try looking through the Search option on top of the forum. Here it is. http://forums.khinsider.com/showthread.php?t=14077
  9. K

    The "One Final Request" Game

    Say what you would want to do if you found out that you were going to die that day. Your actions could be humorous or they could be destructive. It is your choice. I'll start off. I would ride every roller coaster around the area until I puke.
  10. K

    King Mickey and the unknows

    There is no proof that they are undercover. In COM, Riku and Mickey left Castle Oblivion wearing unknown coats. I have no idea how or why they got them. The only thing that can prove anyones' theories is kh2.
  11. K

    mickey question

    I don't know. Maybe we should take him up for his word. We'll find out when the time comes.
  12. K

    theory on bhk, ansem, riku, DiZ connection

    This can't be true because Riku was whole while Ansem was a spirit in kh. Someone who is complete cannot be a part of someone else. Also, you can't assume that the GEU in Deep Dive is the BHK. There is no proof to back that up. I agree that DiZ is a part of Ansem, though. DiZ is supposedly the...
  13. K

    Kingdom Key Forever!

    I disagree. I think they use the Kingdom Key in the demos because they don't want to give away the new keyblade forms.
  14. K

    sephiroths words

    You heard wrong. When Sora gets the halo over his head, Sephiroth says, "Sin Harvest Attack". He doesn't say "Send Heartless Angel."
  15. K

    Question about End of the World

    I think everyone is over-analyzing this. The game designers could have just put those there for the heck of it.