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    I agree. Really, I was expecting more of there being several events in order to save Xion and Roxas, like there was with Ventus and aqua. Instead, Xion and Roxas just get kinda shoved in during the final fights (which, the entire Keyblade Graveyard is loads of hit and miss story points that...
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    Quotes from all the Voiceless Nameless Stars

    I don’t know why Cloud is any more likely than Sephiroth in that one quote. After all, Sephiroth was originally his own person (at least until whatever may have happened that led him to becoming Cloud’s darkness). I also just can’t see Cloud saying things like how he misses fighting him...
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    Quotes from all the Voiceless Nameless Stars

    This ones about a parent, probably a mother who died while her child was still young (“others may have found it grating, but it warmed my heart”). So, I’d probably label it ‘The deceased parent’ or ‘The mother’. ‘Bambi’s mom’, maybe. lol
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    Is anyone going to update the Unchained X worlds and characters categories?

    Just curious as it's been severely out of date for quite a while and I'd hate to see this site progress as slowly as the Kingdom Hearts wikis in terms of updating its content. :p