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  • I heard different. They just don't do that anymore for who knows how long now. D:

    And yeah. They were still considered prostitutes with class and prettier.
    Geisha still aren't exactly the purest creatures out there, even so. D:
    Although they did stop that thing where they auction off the girl's virginity so she can become a higher up geisha recently. :c no fun.
    I wanted to ask you about your name.

    Do you know what it means?
    What kanji would you use for "Katsune?".
    You'd also be surprised how popular the name Hitomi is in the Japanese porn world. :3

    And are you aware of what really goes on with geisha culture? I don't think you are...
    I don't really know...I have an English project to film today. Blech
    What about you?
    oh yes, you should friend keybladelegacy.
    he has this amazing sarcasmic ability. i think he gets it from me. =D
    Teehee, the maturity here is all with the girls. ;)
    however, if you get to know me, I'm not very mature at all..
    Just a hardcore methodist. >D
    I humbly apologize for the crude humor on the zombie thread. In case you did not notice I poked no fun at Papa, only palmer, who was being a retard. But seeing as no one else would be affected by your righteous anger, I am and I apologize with all my heart. They're just a bunch of silly boys, anyway.
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