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Recent content by Katattack

  1. K

    Help/Support ► Would this be good enough?

    I don't know of the scene you're thinking of, but pretty much anything will work as a monologue as long as it's one person (I don't know if you've taken a dialogue and turned it into a monologue but a lot of people do) carrying on enough to move the plot by himself. Also, you want one that...
  2. K

    Help/Support ► Help!! Piccolo Help!! Not Emotional! Just need advise quick!

    You mean an Embouchure. Every wind instrument player uses one, not just flute and piccolo. You just need to practice and focus. It seems like you probably won't get it. You're young, and you lack musical experience. If you stay dedicated, though, it's something you'll develop without even...
  3. K

    Help/Support ► Ugh. Im moving for the first time

    I've moved once. Right before eighth grade we moved from Vegas to a very small town. I thought it was the worst thing ever, but it turned out to be the best thing that could possibly happen to me! Just don't shy away from anyone and assume they're totally different, and you'll be fine! Good...
  4. K

    Help/Support ► Guys

    Maybe your friends should stop giving it to a guy after just a couple weeks. It's really not difficult to use your brain.
  5. K

    Help/Support ► There's a problem and help is needed...

    I totally wanna see pictures. LITTLE MAX, right?!
  6. K

    Help/Support ► DS or camera

    Well, I guess if she's offering, it'd be stupid to turn it down. xD Especially if you just get picked on by adults all day. I see where you're coming from.
  7. K

    Help/Support ► DS or camera

    Man, you're fifteen. Don't you think you're old enough to do what you're asked to do without insisting on a bribe? That's kind of lame of you. Anyway, I would have gone with the DS, but the camera seems like a good choice, too. And I hope you can save up enough money for your DS soon.
  8. K

    Help/Support ► There's a problem and help is needed...

    Oh, well that's pretty good news, then! Not much to do now except wait, I guess... Oh, and you're going to be able to save up enough money, right?
  9. K

    Fanfiction ► Fan Fiction Suggestions Thread

    No, the real problem with the authors who write nowadays is that they all care more about how many people are reading their fics than they do about what they're writing. xP Leading to all fanservice and no real plot. I mean, the examples are right on this page! Shameless advertising...
  10. K

    Help/Support ► There's a problem and help is needed...

    Probably the same reasons all dads don't want cats. The cost, the taking care of them... the annoying side of them... You know, the general reasons. I wish you luck, Rena!
  11. K

    Help/Support ► There's a problem and help is needed...

    Good luck, Rena! ;-; I know how much you love the Kitty.
  12. K

    Help/Support ► Graduation song ideas

    See, my young Tob, the problem with "Seasons of Love" is that - even though I personally feel it's one of the best songs ever - it's from RENT. When people hear that it's from RENT, they say, "Oh, it's from that one Gay Musical? Ew!" And never give it a chance. I'd love for that song to be...
  13. K

    Fanfiction ► Poison and Painkillers

    Oh mah gawsh. That was win. Seriously, this is grand. I shall speak to j00 in teh chat! UPDART.
  14. K

    Help/Support ► I have a problem D:

    ^ That's not so big a school either, man. Anyhow, I think you're better off ignoring them. They're morons. Who cares what they think? You can't help it if people don't like you, so just don't sweat it.
  15. K

    Help/Support ► I've Got A Nice Question!

    Umm... A lot of people find that brushing their teeth every time they want a cigarette helps. Good luck, though, my family's been trying to get our stepdad to quit for forever.