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    The Ultamite Pence fanclub!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey guys. I am a big fan of pence, and I have seen no clubs for him and he is probably crying because he wants a club, so here it is!:) Join, or Pence be sad...:( MEMBERS: President: Kaptain Kool Vice-President: Shinoku Pence CEO: Sora Ish Mine! Pence Commando: yado
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    The Sacred_Sora Fanclub!

    Sacred_Sora is a guy who some of us GREATLY, and by greatly, I do mean GREATLY appriciate! This club is dedicated to him, and his awsome ness, so join!
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    The Sly Cooper Super Theif FANCLUB!

    This thread is to talk about, post pictures about, and just do anything about the Sly Cooper Games! So, if you love them, or are just a fan, JOIN NOW!
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    The offical number 347 fan-club!! YAY!

    :D We have all come to know and love the number 347, soI made it it's own fanclub. Here, you can talk about all things 347, and anything else! JOIN NOW!:D
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    Let's Celebrate Taokityxtheaxgem;s B-day!

    Some of us know her. Some of us don't. Those who know her knoe she is a great person, and TODAY is her birthday! I didn't fin a thread like this, and she is a freind on the forums so HAPPY B-DAY! This is a party so have fun!
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    Engulfed's Bachelor Party!

    As those of you may kbow, Engulfed is getting married to Redharry123. As his best man, I am throwing this bachelor party for us to do what we feel like, have some fun, and just about anything else! I dont know exactly what to put in yet because I dont know what Engulfed wants. Anyway, ENJOY!
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    The awsome league of The world!!!!

    I think that its high time that we here at the khinsider forums start our own justice leauge, except cooler, like, it should be called the awsome leauge. And you can join and get a cool awsome hero name like mine, and we could even have our own mild-mannered names like nick tartarsauce who works...
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    want to be a KOOL buddy?

    Hey, I am new here and want a bud. Does anyone want to be my freind?
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    Strange glitch in cutscene .(spoilers)

    I was looking at port royal footage and i noticed this, at the final battle fotage sora uses valor form. At the next cutscene after that Sora is still in valor form. Sorry if this has been posted before. I just thought it was cool. do not flame me please. Here is the...