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Recent content by Kandy Kitten

  1. K

    ...is that? IT IS!

    It's been more then half a year I think... time just flies by when you're gettin older :cursing: It's Kandy all :P I hope someone that still goes here remembers me. (A username change wouldn't hurt me would it?)
  2. K

    Black Acid aka unknown212 is coming back

    black acid is coming very soon. (Silh and squall can stop rejoicing now)
  3. K

    Dogs and cats fight like....

    Have you heard about dogs resembling the light side of humans(loyal, etc etc.) and cats resembling the dark side? this could be why cas and dogs hate each other unless you raise a kitten and a puppy together :/
  4. K

    Sugar a tiny snow fairy

    I only saw 4 eppys but so far i think its really cute ~^ ^~