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  • That's neat! :) Mine would have to be KH2.. why? Well, it's that kind of feeling when you start the game that tell you that this story is going to be more longer and interesting than the last.

    Do you have any favorite movies to enjoy?
    I'm trying. I can see images, but having a hard time finding yours. Can I trouble you for a link? I'm sorry. ;_; and I'm doing good. What other kinds of games do you play (besides KH)? :)
    Lol, um, actually, It's going to be my female name.. It would take me time to explain everything to you , so.

    That's neat! What's your favorite KH game out of the series?

    Anime is awesomesauce! :D I always try to find a good anime to watch once in a while.
    Grrrr... my stupid Wii won't let me look at it... I'm sorry. :( Anyway, how are you today, Kairi? :D
    That's excellent~ haha I guess I should of known, blade would do something like that. Yeah, hard to miss the avie of Kairi. ;D my favorite kh character is Marluxia. Good, good. What's your favorite kh game? I think you'll fit in quite well in certain sections of the forum with your kh trivia. What kind of anime do ya like?
    Hey, Kairihikari! Thank you for the friend request! The name's Roxas1563, but I really go by the name Roxie.

    So, tell me about yourself. :)
    How are you doing? ^^

    Did he? I'll thank him later. xD

    Isn't it funny both of our names have Hikari? xD
    Hi! It's nice to meet you! Thank you for the friend request. I'm Miki. ^^ Welcome to KHI by the way! I see you're new here! I hope you're having fun! :D
    I think it's about time I introduced myself, since ya sent me a friend request. x3

    So hello there! It's nice to meet you, Hikari. (hope ya don't mind nicknaming you that, unless you prefer something else, then just let me know. ;D)

    You can call me Kat or KK. Many of my friends do~ x3

    I see that your friends with Blade too.

    So tell me a little about yourself and have ya been inside the Roxie and friends club yet?
    Yep, I have seen it! ^^ I still haven't read the books yet, though. What did you think of it?
    Yeah, my problem is I can't afford the 3DS either. :( But oh well. What are you up to now?
    Hi!! *hug* Well, I like MX (in that "hate him so much you like him" way. But I also like Aqua a lot.
    You got that right! The look on Master Xehanort's face if he was beaten by Kairi: Priceless. xD You know, you're really fun to talk to! :) You should introduce yourself to some more people! I recommend KitKat (she's fun and really good friend), Roxas1563 (he's also great), Miki Hikari (she's very sweet) and many others besides. :D
    Absolutely true. :) Yen Sid training her would be a good thing. He trained Master Mickey, Master Riku, and Sora, and I'm pretty sure he was the one who trained Master Eraqus and Master Xehanort. She's in good hands. :D It would be interesting if MX doesn't learn about Kairi's Keyblade till it's too late. Yen Sid and Mickey could pretend someone else is a Guardian of Light, and trick MX. Then Kairi comes in and ruins his plans. ;)
    Yeah, it should help. Yen Sid will train her. It may take a bit, but I'm sure she will be valuable to stopping Xehanort. She'll have a great time with Aqua. :D
    Hmmm... Firstly, have you seenn the ending of DDD? I don't wanna spoil anything for you if you haven't.
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