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  • Yeah, politics is tough. I personally try not to talk about it much, cuz it starts arguments, which I don't like.
    No. ;_; I can't post pics. I did vote, though! ^^ No, I didn't! I'll have to check it out (if I can)! ^_^
    Hi! ^^ *runs up and hugs you* Not much, really. The Halloween Costume contest round two voting is open. Make sure to vote! :)
    OK! :D *pulls you close and starts dancing* Good luck! Let me know when it's finished! ^_^
    Oh, that's cool! :) Maybe you could make Terra or Ven? Mickey would be cool too. :D Hey, I know this is random, but do you like to dance?
    I know, it's criminal! There should definitely be something for them. Hey, maybe you could make them! :D I'm sure they'd turn out wonderful! ^_^
    Awesome! *checks pic* It's really cute! I like that you did her Keyblade, too! What did you use to make it? :)
    Yeah, I know about that. I'm not gonna worry about getting another copy of KH1, now I know the HD remix is coming. (hopefully it gets localized!) But yeah, I really liked the plushie. How often do you make them? :)
    *hugs* ^_^ Can't wait to see them! Maybe you could even upload a pic of yourself. (; (Unless you don't want to, of course) Yeah, they were fun games. Maybe I'll get a PS2 again and try those Naruto games out! :D
    I see it! It's awesome! I like it a lot. (; And I loved the Harry Potter games, but I haven't played the Naruto ones. :)
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