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  • I almost finished the original com on my ds lite but I had a hard time fighting against dark replica riku for the final time. You should try going to this website to watch the other episodes of Shippuden since Disney xd canceled it. Here's the link: NARUTO Shippuden - OFFICIAL U.S. Site - Watch the Anime Online Here!

    My favorite character in Naruto currently is Shikamaru. I like how he outsmarted Temari during the Chunin Exams. I haven't kept up with Inuyasha in a long time, so I don't have a favorite character for it. As for sailor moon, my favorite character is Sailor Neptune.
    OK! ^^ It's just a place for friends of Roxie to hang out and do whatever! We three could play KH trivia there! :) He's here right now, if you wanna come now! Look for the Roxie and Friends Fanclub! ^_^ *hug*
    Oh, I forget! ;_; I can't play KH2 cuz I don't have a PS2 anymore. Ummm... Goofy's son Max? IDK. Hey, would you like to join Roxie's club? He's nice, I think you've met him? Roxas1563? :)
    Don't forget Xion after Marluxia, and Roxas recombining with Sora after that, before Xaldin. :) Also, I think Luxord and Saix should be switched. But other than that, yeah, you're right! *hug* Btw, I hope me being very huggy isn't bothering you. If it is, I'll stop.
    I wonder why? *shrugs* OK, what was the order in which the Nobodies of Org. XIII met their demise? (ie, what order did they "die")
    Don't worry about it. :) *picks you up off your feet in a big hug* And the answer's Ven, when he shrunk to the size of a mouse in Castle of Dreams. :D
    Nope. Day 255. The day Axel and Roxas talk about the Organization, and Axel tells him that the sun sets red cuz red is the color that travels the farthest. Kinda symbolic of Axel himself, huh? :) Sorry about that, though. ;_;
    *facepalm* Dang it. Haven't played BBS in forever. ;_; OK, What day in 358/2 Days is the "Sun Sets Red" scene?
    Hi! ^^ *hug* Eh, don't worry about it. :) I think I said before that I spoiled myself? And sure! ^^
    Birth by sleep is definitely a good game. My favorite kh game would have to be Re:CoM. Inuyasha and sailor moon were old favorites of mine. How far are you in Naruto Shippuden? Who's your favorite character?
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