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    The death of me

    Project WIP by ~Kemine on deviantART I have nothing else to say, it's all been said in description. tldr: art project, my original characters, around 40% done, prismacolor, enjoy yourselves. Expecting close to 20-26 hours to be spent on this. Or more.
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    Classwork and other work

    Something like that. We'll start with the oldest. I'll even put the assignment down. Ritual by ~Kemine on deviantART Draw something you do on a daily basis, a ritual of sorts, in pastel. Not really yourself, but I wanted to draw me. Pastel on black paper (it's nice, expensive paper)...
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    Secret by ~Kemine on deviantART Read description. Crit would be great. Suggestions for pathway? Should I make some actual in focus leaves on the ground? I feel like it's very "blurry" because I just used some scribbling stuff (har, controlled scribbling) to suggest leaves because leaves are...
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    WIPs for the world

    As the title says, in no way are these done. Hm...25-30%? Just what been working on. Pastel on black paper. A continuation of Relax by ~Kemine on deviantART . Homework. Supposed to take our daily ritual (the charcoal) and...
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    Relax by ~Kemine on deviantART My sketchbook has been neglected, so you get this! Just started a Drawing 2 class along with a ceramics class, seems my art will be from those for a while. My poor sketchbook. Hm. Done in charcoal, still life. Crit welcome. Enjoy!
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    Welcome to Imagination

    Kay, working on a story (novel-length, hopefully), and I want some crit on the prologue. (as a warning, I won't post more, simply because I kind of don't want to the put the whole story out there, just want crit on the prologue).! Enjoy...
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    Ho hum

    Request on Earth by ~Kemine on deviantART Goal 1: Fix anatomy (I'm getting there, but the arm is short and his head seems odd. Sadly, I did not catch all this till I was almost done, and so did what I could short of redoing it or making it feel as though I was.) Goal 2: Make not so...
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    Face: (study of the face. it's a little crooked, actually, so it means that my study of the face went poorly. Her chin is pointy and that's because I was thinking she's smiling so her skin is stretching with the muscles of the mouth...
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    Link doesn't have a voice!? - (zelda) Heart for the Hero (zelda) by dayeight ^Proof? =D I laughed, best thing I've seen in a while.
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    KHI's Keyblade Gallery

    Welcome, fans, to the thread of keyblades! Seeing how this is a Kingdom Hearts forum, and with the upcoming rise of new keyblade designs, why not put them all into one thread? Have a design or two you want to show off? Just want to try your hand at designing? This is the place to be...
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    Happy Birthday, Hollow Bastion!

    Yes, everyone's favorite mod, HB, has a birthday, and he's turning 19 on July 31st! =D And so, my dear friend HB, a card, for you, and only you. Happy birthday and I hope it was a good one, or at least will be a good one! (seeing how it's midnight there) >^.^<
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    Doomination Art Studios

    Welcome to the First Art Clan! Or, as we call it... Doomination Art Studios Here in the Studios, clan members are free to discuss art as freely as they want and the types of media they use. It's a way for members to find out what others are doing to get that awesome picture they draw. This...
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    Happy Casmir Pulaski Day!

    Happy Casimir Pulaski Day! Yes, here in Illinois, land of Corn, Lincoln, and Chicago, we have a fun old holiday called Casmir Pulaski Day! Whee! And it's only in Illinois! Why? Here is an in short example: Chicago=gallons of Polsih people. Pulaski=Polish. Polish people say "We want a...
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    Username Color and Moderator power chart

    A lot of people seemed to have trouble knowing what each username color means, and what kind of power each staff-member has, so I thought I'd make this chart as a guide. Do not post your own thread asking for what they are. ---------------------------------- In order of power and ranking...
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    Witches of Eileanan (by Kate Forsyth)

    I adore these books. Adore them, I tell ye! I honestly suggest these books to people who love fantasy (they have witchcraft and dragons and faeries), a little bit of horror (torture..!), romance (horny..yep, horniness, ever so slightly), even some deception and trickery (rebellion, outcast)...