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Recent content by Kairi_Forever

  1. K

    Annoying Lines In the Game

    Well, this line was used at least 20 times in this game, and here it is, "Sora, Donald, Goofy," I couldnt stand it because you heard it like at least 3 times in every level. And of course there is "Is that a best a user can do?" I sorta laughed because pretty much everybody was destroying him...
  2. K

    What kind of PS2 do you have?

    Just curious is all ^^; Is it the old one?: Or the new one?: Again just curious <_<
  3. K

    What are you gonna do and/or say...

    When you finally get Kingdom Hearts II ? As for me, I would go to Gamestop, or EB and hopefully one of them would have it....finally buy it, rush back home in excitement.....carfully open the game while shedding tears of joy(it's been what 3 years people?)....put the game in my PS2.....do a...
  4. K

    What Happens?

    Thanks alot for that ^_^
  5. K

    What Happens?

    Can somone tell me what happens in CoM , so I can understand what happens in KH-2, a summary would be fine,lol..can't get the game cause: a) dont have a game boy advance-don't have the money right now. b) need a game boy to get the game,lol Just like, Sora's story-What happens...
  6. K

    Do you think KH-II will be overlooked?

    We all know Kingdom Hearts 2 is gonna own, but do you think it will be overlooked in the long run by other games?
  7. K

    Possible Release Date!

    Oh, oops sorry, didn't know that
  8. K

    Possible Release Date!

    Well, I was just on the EGM website watching a KH2 video. When I saw that they had the release date as March 15. I thought this was just another prediction until I thought about it, EGM is supposed to have a full interview with Nomura in the next issue. What if they already had this interview...
  9. K

    One Tiny Question..

    That's good, thanks for that...I wasn't sure ^_^
  10. K

    One Tiny Question..

    Ok, cool! Thanks! :D
  11. K

    One Tiny Question..

    ok.... violent_anger-I hope there is the leaf veil...cause that would help...alot. kingdom_hearts2- that sucks....
  12. K

    One Tiny Question..

    Ok the most annoying thing for me in Kingdom Hearts was the controls with the magic, when you had to throw the potions up like, Cure or Fira or whatever and the Boss would hit you while your throwing the potion up and you die anyway....that happened to me so many times....>_< , ......anyway i...