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Recent content by Kairi&Sora 4ever

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    The Arrested Development Fan Club

    Okay, so it's not a very well known show but those who do know it probably agree that Arrested Development is one of the best television shows ever created. So since I love it so much I decided to create this little club to bring together all the fans of the show so we can talk about how much we...
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    Key Blade Wars: The Aftermath (Re Dub)

    Key Blade Wars: The Aftermath Index of Chapters Chapter 1: Eluded Bliss and Intertwined Dreams Page 2 Chapter 2: Scattered Messages and Reoccuring Nightmares Page 6 Chapter 3: With the Dawn of Redeeming Grace Page 14
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    I'm Back!

    Hey everyone! It's been a long long time that I've been away from the forums but I decided I missed this too much to forget about it. Some of you may know or remember me from a sort of popular fanfiction I wrote called "Key Blade Wars: The Aftermath". I just wanted to post this thread so that in...
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    The Ultima Weapon

    okay thanks for the help guys! and khlover its obviously not that simple if other people are having problems with it too...the world that never was is filled with nobodies but not the kind im looking for..but ill try your suggestion ayden16...oh and sorry to ask another question but where...
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    The Ultima Weapon

    okay so ive been playing like all day and collecting all of the needed materials needed for the ultima weapon. but there is one problem...i need one more orachelem+ (sorry if i mispelled) which would be the 7th one. i know that to get the seventh one you need to collect atleast one of every item...
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    Getting to level 99

    ohh thanks! yeah ive been doing that a lot so far but i just wanted to see if there actually was an easier way but oh well ill just deal with it haha
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    Getting to level 99

    okay so i read a post that someone had made saying that there are two ways you can get to level 99..first is the long way by defeating many heartless and leveling up...but theres also a second way that has something to do with pride rock..or atleast i think thats what i read...but i was just...
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    funny KH2 video

    lol that was hilarious
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    Does Passion tie in with KH2?

    yeah i read some where that it was written specifically for the game...i cant wait to hear it in english..its soo pretty :D
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    Key Blade Wars: The Aftermath

    It had been five years since Sora's first journey had begun and the three years of the War of the Keyblades was over. Many had died but not in vain, for after the long years of fighting they were the victors. The heartless were gone and thus Sora's journey home began. Sora leaned his head back...
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    Kairi and Sora in KH2

    omg those pics were soo adorable...haha i just screamed a little....ahh I WANT KH2 NOW!
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    Kairi or Namine

    looks like a love triangle is about to form....even though namine didnt particularly show intrest in sora there still seemed to be something there..and did anyone notice how sora made a promise to namine to see her again that was very similar to the one he made kairi? its just a little theory...
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    Kairi and Sora in KH2

    aww mann it wont let me see it...when i clicked the link it said page does not exist or something...do u have any other links it could be on?
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    Kingdom Hearts 3

    wow im soo excited theres gonna be another one i cant wait until both games come out.....itll probably be forever until it does though seeing as how its taken 4 years to release kingdom hearts 2.....but for anyone whos seen that secret ending video at the end of kh2 ....do you guys have any...
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    Do you think KH-II will be overlooked?

    mann...i hope its not...im gonna try to tell all my friends about it..i really want it to do well....if it doesnt that will just be another failed thing for me...just like how arrested development got cancelled this year :-\