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Recent content by JustSnilloc

  1. JustSnilloc

    The Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony Explained

    Dandelion Theory - Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony Through careful phrasing, Nomura has created two seemingly opposing truths for KH lore. One truth is that keyblades are the man made replicas of the X-Blade. Another truth is that the keyblades have a will of their own, and that they choose a...
  2. JustSnilloc

    I think I've figured out Chi pt.2 - Timeline of Events

    The right column represents the Realm of Light, while everything in the pink box on the left represents the Realm of Sleep. Therefore, the timeline of events only taking place within the Realm of Light are as follows; Daybreak Town exists, MoM studies the X-Blade, MoM creates the first keyblade...
  3. JustSnilloc

    Young Xehanort's appearance in the BH6 trailer

    1.) His new model looks so much better than the old one. 2.) His ears are now pointy like older Xehanort's. As for the first point, I'm so glad that they kept working on the model. It was so cringey at first, but now it's looking quite nice. I had expected them to work on it to some degree, but...
  4. JustSnilloc

    I think I've figured out Chi - A Skewed Perspective Solved

    Kingdom Hearts Chi is an interesting title where you play as one of the many keyblade wielders from the age of fairy tales. By using the Book of Prophecies, the Foretellers were able to conjure worlds and have their union members draw power from the future. Tensions grew as each union fought...
  5. JustSnilloc

    The theory to end all theories

    While this is certainly interesting, the entire theory seems to be built upon a misunderstanding. Time travel has only ever happened in the real worlds, not at all in the sleeping ones.
  6. JustSnilloc

    Theory - I know what's inside the Master of Master's box. *SPOILERS*

    Having not only considered the alternatives, but also in seeing plenty of supporting evidence for this, I'm well convinced that what lies in the Master of Master's box is The Book of Prophesies. Okay, so maybe I'm not the first one to suggest that, but maybe I can be the first to provide...
  7. JustSnilloc

    Unlocking the secret episode (BBSFM)...

    So I usually play on the hardest difficulty (for a better overall challenge) and I don't have to deal with this much, but how do you unlock the secret episode in BBSFM on Standard difficulty? I can't seem to find any info on how to get that extra FM episode... :frown:
  8. JustSnilloc

    What happened to Terra's heart?

    Very nicely explained! ^_^
  9. JustSnilloc

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Collection Edition Announced!

    How much would you be willing to pay? After taxes and shipping it cost me personally $115.50, not to mention international shipping costs when it gets sent your way and a bit of compensation for all the work. (Note: May or may not be interested, though surely I'm not the only one capable of such...
  10. JustSnilloc

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Collection Edition Announced!

    It's just that in Japan, they released multiple collector's editions. Will they do it everywhere else? *shrugs* It's a possibility though. Personally, I've got my wallet vested in this CE ^_^
  11. JustSnilloc

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Collection Edition Announced!

    In all likelihood, no. It probably won't come to Amazon. There is a possibility of them releasing another collector's edition though... Unlikely, sure, but possible. I didn't have any trouble personally, I used Paypal though.
  12. JustSnilloc

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Collection Edition Announced!

    Uh oh guys... Probably less by now, better hurry up if you plan on ordering this!
  13. JustSnilloc

    Would Days have been better with the command deck?

    I believe the panel system of Days to be a prototype of the Command Deck, they function very similarly and since Days came first, it's not too much of a stretch. Perhaps it's because I love puzzles and quickly adjusted to the panel system, but I never ran out of magic >.> I'd always pick one...
  14. JustSnilloc

    Please don't troll this. Is Kingdom Hearts 2 the best game so far?

    Re: Please dont troll this. Is kingdom hearts 2 the best game so far? Vanilla KH2? Maybe... KH2FM? That treasure of a game is beautiful, and is easily my favorite (followed by Days)
  15. JustSnilloc

    Kingdom Hearts -HD 1.5 ReMIX- is now one of PS3's Greatest Hits

    What does it take for a game to receive the "Greatest Hits" label?