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  • You ask and you shall receive, presto, you're back in the party haha ^_^ Let me know if you ever leave again and I can re-add you ;)
    I think it would be more convenient to just ask what questions you have on the forums rather than clog up the team chat in KHx with it xD
    Awesome, I'll accept it later tonight when I get on. I don't know how to accept incoming requests. If I somehow mess it up, I'll just send you another request tonight lol XD
    Hey JR199913, we are making an official KHI team (on Vulpes) and I'm curious if you'd like to join us :) I tried sending you a request but sadly you are already part of another party. If you'd like to join just leave your current party and let me know, if not that's totally fine as well.

    In order to leave your party, follow the steps below (courtesy of Sign):

    On the party menu, there are four buttons under the avatar of the leader on the right. To leave the party, you would have to click on the button at the lower right, then click the button to the left in the pop-up window.
    I think most forum-based community websites tend to have one or two, but KHI has three: Taylor is our current community administrator (he runs the forum staff, and cooperates with our other two admins to coordinate events), Shamdeo is the site administrator for our sister affiliate, Final Fantasy Network, and Sign is the site administrator for our main news hub (she runs site staff).

    For a complete list of moderators, see here. The "moderators" group at the top can be a little confusing, since it simply lists everyone with mod powers, but the groups listed afterward are more detailed: Administrators are the ones I just described for you, Site Staff work primarily on our main site and within the KH sections of the forum, and Super Moderators have global privileges across sections. The ones in magenta you saw under Moderators are limited to specific sections of the forum.

    I realize this was a little more than you asked for, but I figured a little community tour couldn't hurt lol. And if you ever need any help in the future, these are the guys to ask! c:
    Sorry to disappoint! If you're looking for our admin, that's this guy. c:
    No problem! If you have an issue like that (or any forum-related issue at all) again, feel free to let a mod know. The forum's been having trouble with latency, recently, due to the resurgence in activity, and double posts just happen every once in a while.
    Could you tell me where the image in your avatar is from? I've had the picture on my wall for years, but don't know who drew it. xD
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