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  • I don't care. It's technically your RP. Oh, we have 2 potential members: Razputin and king_of_wumbo.
    The RP has been posted. I added a small bit for organization and explaining. I'll post my character and faction once/if someone posts.
    Alright, can't wait! Just a couple days until Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Lost Planet 2 comes out. =)
    Alright, but let me warn you that if I do this that you cannot change what the thread says after I post it. Do you still agree? I will take little credit to the project, so you can have the glory.
    Well, If you want, I can post it for you and manage it while you are gone. How does that sound?
    It's alright! That is why I remind people lol. Otherwise they go poof and don't post and then we wonder what happened to them.
    Postage is needed for the Pokemon: The New Frontier RP!!! I still don't know if your 3rd template was accepted but postage is still necessary please!
    Why thank you! It was actually done by the other Repo fan, my girlfriend Xyanea. She's cool, so send her a howdy if you like.
    Hey there, I noticed your response to mine in "What would you do for a Klondike bar", and I have to say wow! Another Repo fan? Wonderful! I've only managed to track down one other fan in here... Anyway, nice to meet you, and glad to know we share an interest!
    Jozi, wassup?
    Um, listen, I'mma wondering, are you planning on posting in the 'End Game' RP soon, since, uh, I kind-a set it up for Craythur to be there, myes.
    That is awesome good to know! Just to let you know you applied for a Akatsuki and if I recall Demmy was waiting on DH2 to verify that it was good but he is MIA so she is in charge so I doubt the pending will be there for long. Hope to see you on there.
    Okay so here's the deal, a while back you joined a RP called "Battle in the land of Hearts", your template was put on pending for whatever reason and the new OOC section came up and the RP went down for a while due to the fact that the creator got grounded, I know that I lost track of a couple of RP's when this transition happened and I am trying to help out Random Queen (formerly Demyx Forever) by helping to figure out how part two will be working as well as who is still in this. Part 2 will be set up 3 years in the future so with a recap you could still join in fine so that wouldn't be a problem I'm late in joining as well, let me know if you are still interested in the number 2 slot for the Akatsuki, if you aren't then let me know so that I can take oyu off my list please.
    it's all good brah that post you made was genius shear
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