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    Ashes Remnant

    Just thought to play with you. Name: Translation would be Daniel, if we could ever have a translation from his language to our own. Age: Well, considering Daniel's species have a life span that exceeds a normal human life span more than ten times, Daniel is relatively young at 200. Species...
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    Lit ► Help

    Anyone know where I could download/read online Arthur Miller's play "The Man with all the luck"? If not, then "All My sons" by him will suffice
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    Collab idea, need some extra people

    So, I want to build a character. The basic premise is that he will be a small infant, onyl recently gaining the baility to use his powers. His intelligence grows extremely quickly, and he can throw a toy in the air and realize the amount of force needed, and the physics behind such a force...
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    Star Light to challenge

    Hey star. I know you want to learn, so I'm going to help you out. I'll be using a guy that controls water, and you can use whomever. I'll help you out, so this'll be a learning experience. Just post your template and say if you accept, k?
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    Hey all members of KHI

    How do you think Silh's been doing so far as admin. I feel like laughign when everyone hates him. Also, tell people about this.
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    Tell me

    Why do you kill? Did you ever take into the fact that ending it's life was the same as ending a person's?
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    This quote brings up something in my mind for a theory on the unbirths. More specifically, is this fact, as in, Ansem has tested this and has seen beings die, fully (including the soul) as the soul leaves the body? Or does he mean only the body dies? Or just the heart? Heart & body? Speaking...
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    H3 custom games

    Really, if we played awesome cutsom games, we could do this a lot. H3 can be fun. So, anyone have ideas for custom games? I had one, this video explains it though. YouTube - Zombie freestyle
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    I just realized, I've been here for over 4 years. Damn, things have changed since then.
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    hey, Takuya

    I heard you'd never battled. Let's gooooooooo. Though, at a request, I'd much rather like to make it a random elemental battle, because, ya know, I'm kinda obsessed with having a good one. I'll be using an earth elemental, if you agree.
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    Hmm, well, I was wondering something, in the extra scene for KH2:FM, where the cloaked man goes down the spiral stair case, has it been confirmed that it was xenmas? Because if so, then it destroys the theory that terra is xenmas, because then Xenmas remembered something from before he became...
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    Different 'kinds' of matter

    Well, for some reason, I feel the need to talk aboutt he different kinds of matter. From memory, the different kinds of 'matter" (or matter int heir name) are as follows: Matter Anti-matter Dark matter Exotic Matter Are there any other types? The last one in particular is extremely odd, but...
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    For the people who dislike the use of drugs, why do you dislike them overall? Even things as insignificant as weed, which isn't as bad as alcohol or cigarettes, which are both legal. I understand things like coke, meth, etc. But why smaller things?
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    Best Opening Theme Songs of all time

    1. YouTube - Dragon Ball Z Rock The Dragon 2. YouTube - Gantz - Intro theme song 3. YouTube - naruto shippuden theme song 4. YouTube - Hellsing Opening 5. YouTube - Pokemon Orange Island Theme Song 6. YouTube - Pokemon Johto League Champions Theme Song 7. YouTube - Pokemon Theme Song 8. YouTube...