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  • hey jolt cloud said that you message him saying you might leave. why can you at least tell me that
    well at least you post i don't know if i should post or what i was waiting for light to post he hasn't where is he
    yo jolt thanks for keeping the rp alive i been busy lately so yeah thanks alot you and the rest of the others
    YEP! I gots me a shaymin. And lol im prolly gonna be off soon because im gonna play days. Its os much fun i was up till midnight playing it
    HEY! Im sorry i havent seen you online now i know why lol ^^ Ill never know if your online now so you have to start the convo. And I HAVE DAYS! ITS THE MOST AMAZING THING SINCE THE WORD AMAZING! Thats why im not on much
    In correction, my last post with Xandor had him evolving, but he didn't make the change. It was more of a foreshadowing sort of deal.
    yeah school is a pain pluas work well i got dayus and don't worry about the rp u never fair me u or ember and cloudwolf lol
    screw school lol
    sssssssspppppppppppppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz xD
    i got beat because a freakin salemance. I hate them and refuse to use them. Suicune lucky HydroPump got Empoleon half health
    No I have not I have just been really busy, I have barely been able to get on for longer then about 30 min for the last like week or so, I'm trying to catch up on my subscriptions still and that is taking me a while, I will get to that RP next, I have been systematically getting my posts into the RP's I'm in but it's been so hectic at home that it is hard to get on let alone stay on and hold an actual conversation. I will get to it though don't worry about that.
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